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When Is The Best Time To Tuna Fish In Venice La

Fishing Monster Yellowfin Tuna Offshore Venice Louisiana

The success of your ultimate fishing adventure depends on factors such as climate and season. Bite Me Sportfishing fishes for yellowfin tuna year-round. The limit is three fish per person at 27 and over. We catch the biggest yellowfin tuna during the months of January through March and again from September through October.

Best Time Of The Day To Fish Empire

Fishing in Empire-Venice is fun and can be more interesting if you fish at the right time of the day. Fishing at the appropriate time will assure you a more productive fishing activity.

You should fish the waters of Empire-Venice during the early hours of the morning. You can also fish in these waters during the late hours of the evening to experience a memorable fishing adventure.

We Are Family Friendly

We invite all ages and experience levels. Captain James does not get mad or turn into Captain Ahab at the first lost fish or broken tackle. We have heard horror stories about other guides around here. He is very easy-going, had children of his own and looks forward to fishing with you and giving you the experience of a lifetime.

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Any Time Of Year Is A Good Time For Fishing

Various species of fish have different seasons. Louisiana fishing seasons extend throughout the entire year, and our perfect location in Venice allows us to take advantage of all of them. The numerous open seasons give anglers two options: They can either wait until their desired catch is available, or they can use the open seasons of other species to try their rod and reel at a new experience. Regardless, you can always expect a great trip with a variety of available species no matter the time of year you choose. Contact us today to get started on your customizable charter experience.

Fish Near The Oil Rigs

huge yellowfin tuna venice, louisiana

The oil rigs that dot the Gulf can spoil fishermen with their bounty of yellowfin, blue marlin, blackfin, and beautiful days. Dont expect to get a blue marlin every trip. Instead, focus on a few things to make the process better for yourself and the crew.

Not All Oil Rigs are Equal

A good charter fishing captain knows how to spot rigs that arent productive. Depending on water conditions, time of year, and baitfish availability, most rigs are ok. The different floating structure of each rig mean different fish at different depths. Yellowfin like the up-current sides of rigs.

Check for surface action upon arriving at the rig. Think about your bait mixture and also check for subcurrents. Large tuna can move with different currents in deep water versus whats showing on the surface.

The rig is less important than the quality of the water and the baitfish used to attract yellowfin. The deeper the water the better. Optimal depth is 1500 feet.

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What To Expect When Fishing For Louisiana Tuna

On our tuna charter trips out of Venice, catching blackfin tuna is always a possibility no matter what time of the year it is. However, the majority of our anglers come down in search of their very own yellowfin that they can hang on the wall back at the marina for an unforgettable dock-shot!

During the warmer summer months, yellowfin tend to run in the 40 to 60 pound range , but it is not unusual to catch a tuna over 150 pounds even in the summer. However, in the winter, the really huge tuna make their way to Louisianas Gulf Coast. And while we may not catch as many tuna in terms of quantity, we certainly make up for it in the quality of fish with some fish topping the 200 pound mark.

Tuna tend to travel in schools, and we often spot them coming up close to the surface from aboard the boat, making it possible to sight cast with poppers if you prefer. However, like many other species of fish, tuna are attracted to large natural or manmade formations that are far off the coast. The many salt domes and floating rigs off the coast of Louisiana make great gathering places for tuna, and we can take you to where they are.

Venice Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Relentless Sportfishing offers highly productive Venice Fishing Charters that will transport you to the incredible Gulf of Mexico where the water is deep and blue. We offer Venice offshore fishing charters that target yellowfin tuna, mahi, wahoo, marlin, sharks and more. One of our most popular deep sea fishing charters targets Yellowfin Tuna. Venice tuna fishing is an unforgettable experience for anglers that are in search of a spectacular fight!

Captains Joey & Neil have numerous years of experience fishing out of Venice, Louisiana. They are in a rare category of Full-Time Charter Fishing Captains that fish every single day in Venice and specialize in Louisiana Tuna fishing. They know where the fish are located based on daily activity and current conditions. Both captains keep a shared private log book that allows them to track fish movements. Our Venice offshore fishing charters are fun for anglers of all experience levels, ages, corporate outings, bachelor parties and much more. Our 36 Yellowfin is the best fishing boat money can buy for our area and is powered with triple outboards to get you to the tuna grounds fast and comfortably. This means more time on the water fishing and an overall better experience when you come fishing with us. Give us a call to book your next Venice fishing charter.

Here are our rates:

Rates are based on a maximum of 6 people .

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The Only Way To Experience Venice Tuna Fishing

Arrive at the marina, get settled into your accommodations – either the houseboat youve rented or your hotel room. Head on over to Crawgators or Cypress Grill for a cold one and some fresh Louisiana seafood, then its time to get some shut eye.

Your alarm clock signals the start of day. Grab a coffee, slap on some sunblock and get picked up by the boat at your house boat! Just jump on and head out. Staying at the hotel? Just walk over to the dock in the morning and off we go.

The run to the fishing grounds starts with a 20 mile run down river. Listen to the engines purr as the smooth 39 Contender hits cruising speed. Enjoy the ride from a bean bag chair.

The Boats

Our two Contender 39 center consoles are fast, comfortable, offshore, top-of-the-line fishing machines. Both boats have the latest Garmin electronics and a head onboard.

Venice Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Seasons

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing with VooDoo Charters in Venice, LA

Best Price Guaranteed

If you find your deal on another fishing website at a lower rate, contact our customer care team. We will match the rate of the other deal if thefollowing conditions are met:

  • You have contacted us immediately after booking with all the details of the other dealincluding a link to the offer on the website and the exact price being quoted.
  • The other deal is bookable online and is still available when we check.
  • The other deal is subject to the same booking conditions youve opted for This means:
  • It is for the same fishing charter, package and date
  • It has identical amenities attached
  • The conditions of your booking with us still allow penalty-free cancellations andmodifications.
  • If we can’t match the rate of the other deal because one of the above conditions isdifferent, you still keep your existing reservation including the cancellation policy.
  • Best Price Guaranteed

    If you find your deal on another fishing website at a lower rate, contact our customer care team. We will match the rate of the other deal if thefollowing conditions are met:

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    Hookup With A Yellowfin Or Blackfin Tuna

    Chasing tuna is perhaps the ultimate in big-game offshore fishing. Seasoned anglers never seem to get tired of the big fight, and tuna virgins, as we call them, love the experience of catching that first big fish. Captain Brett Ryan provides all this and more on year round tuna fishing charter trips out of Venice, Louisiana.

    Fishing Techniques And Equipment

    Since youre fishing for Tunas, sturdy fishing gear is an absolute must. A fishing belt or fighting harness is always a good thing to have with you, as it helps you focus on reeling in the fish rather than controlling your rod. Trolling will be your go-to for the best chance of hooking any Tuna found around here. Just dont forget chunking, to give you that extra edge thats often crucial for a successful run. Youre free to use both live and dead bait, the only crucial thing here being that it should match the current season.

    Louisiana needs to be on your fishing bucket list if youre even the least bit interested in Tuna. The beauty of year-round fisheries is – come when you please, and stay for as long as you like.

    Louisiana Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Seasons

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    Welcome To Super Strike Charters: The Best Fishing Out Of Venice La

    Our Louisiana charter fishing company takes great pride in connecting our clients with saltwater fish such as Yellowfin Tuna, Red Fish, and Speckled Trout. We love to share what we believe is the worlds best deep sea fishing and inshore saltwater destinations. We specialize in the finest deep sea and inshore Louisiana charter fishing for both corporate and private group clientele.

    Based out of Venice, Louisiana, we take great pride in our ability to safely find our clients many saltwater fish to make for a memorable experience. Everyone should have a great experience with Louisiana charter fishing, and at Super Strike Charters, we provide just that!

    Join us for a deep sea fishing charter departing from Venice into the Louisiana waters and Mississippi Canyon where depths are over 1000 ft. as close as 15 miles offshore. We give our clients the best locations for Yellowfin Tuna fishing, Wahoo, Blue Marlin, Mahi-Mahi, and many other species of Venice, LA fishing.

    Venice, LA backwater fishing is absolutely the most productive fishery in the World. So, either backwater or deep sea, charter fishing out of Venice, LA, offers any angler a wide variety of species to fish for like Speckled Trout and Flounder.

    The Mississippi Delta passes, ponds, and channels are filled with Redfish, Trout, and many other species of inshore fish. On just about any day throughout the year, we can fish for Bull Reds, Rat Reds, and Trout.

    Louisiana Fishing Charters & Lodging In Venice La

    Venice Yellowfin Tuna

    VooDoo Fishing Charters and lodging in Venice, Louisiana , just south of New Orleans, offers some of the best offshore and inland fishing in the United States. Voodoo Fishing Charters offers deep sea and rod n reel fishing charters along with plenty of lodging to accommodate large groups of fishermen.

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    Chunking Or Chumming Method To Catch Tuna

    The traditional style of creating a chum line of chunk baits is commonly used around oil rigs, pumping stations, and drillships to attract tunas. Essentially, this is handlining for tunas, which requires the angler to pull 3 to 4-foot segments of line off the reel at a time, allowing the rigged bait to float with the current. This technique requires some practice but is incredibly effective when fish are feeding in the top level of the water column.

    Deep Sea Fishing Venice Louisiana: The End Of The World

    Venice is a small town at the end of the Mississippi River but its reputation for giant fish has made it one of the top destinations to head offshore. The Mississippi River created the landmass that Venice sits on and also cut the deep channel in the seafloor that creates some of the best fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Also known as the Tuna Capital of the Gulf, Venice is a bucket list location for any angler that loves to chase deep sea giants.

    In 1682 when French Explorer Robert Cavalleir La Salle ended his trip down the great river he landed in Venice. Before the 1800s, Venice had very few if any permanent residents because the marsh at the mouth of the Mississippi River was believed to be full of evil spirits by the native people who lived nearby but visited to go fishing. Today very little has changed, this small town is also the only place that has had the same boundaries since it was established in 1807. Venice is also the last inhabited place along the Mississippi that can be reached by car which has given it the nickname the end of the world.

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    Things To Do In Venice Louisiana

    Venice is a small town but there is still plenty of things to do before and after your fishing trip. The food here is excellent with the seafood stealing the show which is no surprise since its The Fishing Capital of The World. If you want to snag a bite or grab a drink check out Crawgators Bar & Grill which is one of the many great eateries in town. If you want to look around and see more of your surroundings jump in the car and head south a couple minutes where you find the southernmost point in Louisiana. The nightlife in Venice likely wont blow you away but New Orleans is only a short trip north and has more entertainment than anyone can handle.

    Choose Your Boat For Yellowfin Tuna

    Wahoo Fishing Offshore Oil Rigs and Yellowfin Tuna in Venice LA

    The type and size of boat that you hire is entirely up to you. Captain Troy with Louisiana Offshore Fishing Charters offers multiple boats for your next fishing trip. Unlike many other fishing spots in the United States that are seasonal, Yellowfin tuna is available throughout the year. This fish tends to grow to be extremely large fish that weigh up to 300 pounds are not unheard of, but on a normal day in Venice, Louisiana you can expect to catch Yellowfin that weighs an average of 60 pounds. When you are chartering a boat make sure to let the company know if you have any special requests most are happy to cater. If, for example, you will be bringing children on the boat you can ask them to provide appropriate gear for them.

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    Yellowfin Tuna Fast Facts:

    • Best fishing season:January – March and September – October
    • Weight: Average between 40 – 80 lbs, but can get up to 200 lbs!
    • Depth: Typically 250 – 3,000 feet, but often come to the surface
    • Behavior: Travel in large groups at high speeds
    • Whats the catch?You can expect an exciting challenge with plenty of action!

    Shore/surf Fishing: Best Times & Seasons

    Fishing in Empire-Venice is not complete without shore fishing. You can enjoy several fishing practices in Empire-Venice, but shore fishing will provide you with a more interesting activity.

    You can make a good catch of varieties of fish species when shore fishing. Complete your fishing trip or adventure in Empire-Venice by experiencing successful shore fishing.

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    When To Go Deep Sea Fishing In Venice

    The fishing here is great throughout the year with plenty of overlapping migrations and some permanent residents. If you are after a specific species there are peak seasons when each of these fish are particularly abundant and voracious. Tuna are the prize of deep sea fishing in Venice and are known to stay in these waters year round but the best time to catch a giant is in the fall and winter months. During these cooler months, the flow of the Mississippi River drops off, and clean water pushes closer to shore which means you might not even need to go to rigs. The winter months are also prime time for big wahoo that prefer the cooler temperatures and come here to feed.

    During the warmer months when water temps start to rise kingfish and marlin will be the first to arrive. Marlin can be elusive but luckily they have a long peak bite that runs from spring through summer and into the fall. Kingfish have the same general peak season but are usually more active throughout their stay. Mahi mahi like many tourists, do not tolerate cool water and show up during the summer months but when they do, its a feeding frenzy.

    While the federal red snapper season runs in the summer, theres a variety of other delicious snapper species that can be caught year round. Amberjack are also restricted with their season only open for harvest in the spring and fall.

    Strategies Used To Catch Yellowfin Tuna:

    Yellowfin Tuna Spotlight
    • Trolling a method that involves creating a flashy presentation with multiple lures. Green is the most popular color to attract yellowfin
    • Live baiting
    • Top water fishing

    They dont call Venice, Louisiana Tuna Town for nothing. We offer full day and overnight offshore fishing charters you can check out our availability here. Be prepared for a fun and thrilling challenge on an offshore tuna fishing charter with Home Run Fishing Charters.

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    Venice Fishing Charters Catch Tuna In Louisiana

    Voted Top Venice Fishing Charters In Venice LA by 2018

    Welcome to Champion Charters, Venice Louisiana Fishing Charters The Tuna Capital Of The World! We are a venice fishing charters company located in Venice Louisiana specializing in Tuna Fishing Trips and are here to meet all your Louisiana Fishing needs! We offer deep sea fishing like no other in that we target tuna all year long.

    Our goal is to bring you to the fish are and insure you have a great time catching them. We are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. No gimmicks, no excusesplain and simpleyou want to catch fish! We do too!!! We offer custom planned Venice fishing trips, with Venice fishing charters ranging from six to twenty four hours. Everything you need to fish is supplied.

    Whether youre looking for a venice fishing boat to fish with family and friends, or a business trip for clients or employees, we will assure you a great trip. Venice, La. is home to the finest tuna fishing grounds in the Gulf of Mexico. It is no wonder that clients fly from all over the world to fish with us.

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