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Durability Of Secondhand Lobster Tennis Ball Machines

Lobster Elite 2 Portable Ball Machine

Buying a used lobster is good to save you some bucks and there is not any surety you will have a good experience by having that used Lobster.

If you are buying from any private seller, make sure to ask him for the warranty of the Lobster. Let me tell you this, most of the Lobster ball throwers have 2 to 3 years of warranty cards and even you can extend that either.

However, most of the time you are not going to get a warranty card.

There are used Lobster machine sellers who find defects in the device and want to sell and get the new one. Now, you have to go through these steps to avoid misguidance.

  • Check machine closely
  • Make sure to remove the ball hopper and look internal side of the Lobster
  • Make sure the motor of the Lobster is working perfectly
  • Last but not the least, give it a go in court. Play with the used Lobster machine at once to make sure if the machine is working awesome.
  • Put the machine on charge for a while to check the power of the machine.
  • Move the machine and check the navigation is good.

If you pass all these steps, you are all good to go. Buy that machine.

Lobsters Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine

Success doesnt come without hard work. This Lobsters Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine will let you work hard so that it can feed the ball with multiple paces, spins, and elevations. It is a beginner-friendly tennis ball machine that is easy to use and comes at an affordable price.

Its ball capacity is 150, and it is battery-powered. With one charge it lasts up to 4 8 hours. You will find 6 different drills in this machine and designed so that you will get a real taste of playing tennis with the skill level of your opponents. If your match is against a power baseliner or slicer, set this machine accordingly, and practice diligently.

The great thing about this machine is, that you can limit the ball speed as per your requirement. Beginners can start at 10 mph and can go up to 80 mph. Feed frequency, elevation, and oscillation all are of premium quality.

Vertical and horizontal or both this machine feeds the ball with arbitrary oscillation. It means approaching the shots on deep groundstrokes or on either side of the court will never be an issue. When you set the machine to both vertical and horizontal oscillation, you will have an excellent workout.

What we liked most:

Lobster Tennis Ball Machines Are Built To Last

Lobster tennis ball machines have been around since 1970, two to three times longer

than any other ball machine manufacturer. Many of Lobster’s customers will confirm that their Lobster tennis ball machine faithfully functions every day 20 years later.

Three reasons why Lobster customers continue to buy Lobster ball machines: Durability, durability, durability. Lobster has built its reputation on quality tennis ball machines. They’re not the cheapest – they’re simply the most durable. When you buy a Lobster ball machine you will save time, money, and aggravation by not having to worry about downtime with your machine.

Lobster stand behind their products and bring our 35 years of experience in manufacturing quality Lobster tennis ball machines. The primary reason is that Lobster doesn’t outsource their manufacturing. Instead, they rigorously control quality internally and guarantee you will get the best quality tennis ball machine in the world. Positive customers’ feedbacks are the results.

How Do Lobster Tennis Ball Machines Compare to Other Recommended Ball Machines?

Lobster ball machines are among the foremost of recommended ball machines, because they offer many features only available in the most expensive commercial ball machines. In fact, many tennis clubs use Lobster pneumatic machines as commercial ball machines. This is because Lobster offers not only unparalleled durability, but also the most accurate shot of all tennis ball machines on the market.

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Customize Your Own Drills

With our grand series machines you can customize your own drills and program shot locations, which makes our digital tennis ball machines the most versatile portable machines available.

Imagine customizing the shot location, ball speed, ball spin, and the feed rate for each shot and then saving that as your personalized drill.

Give Me A Call Now 07890 290528 And I Will Give You A Fair Price And Collect With Cash Or Arrange A Collection From You Please Note We Dont Charge Silly Delivery Costs Like Some Of Our Competitors We Know Everything About Ball Machines As We Use Them Daily For Coaching

LOBSTER 401 Tennis Ball Machine

Buying from Ebay: This time of the year as the weather starts to improve people are dusting off their old tennis ball machines and deciding what to do with them. Unfortunately few are loved, most have been sitting in a shed or worse! Rodents and spiders love to live in the dark confined spaces of a ball machine. The ones that find their way onto Ebay are usually in a poor or average condition, very few people stick to the recommended service times meaning that their machine will probably need some work, hence Ebay! The motors seize up without grease and oil and rust is also an issue in the UK. If left outside, the bill can be huge! Be careful, what seems like a bargain can turn out to be a very expensive repair! All our machines have been properly serviced and come with a 3 or 12 month warranty!

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Tennis Ball Machine Tennis Balls

Our tennis balls are perfect for use in your tennis ball machine. They offer the best balance of softness and bounce. If you use balls that are too firm you can damage the machines throwing wheels. Our tennis balls are long lasting and excellent value for money! Just had delivery so be quick! Bucket of 60 balls £85! Or add a pro ball hopper/collector for only £149 with new balls included!


Lobster Elite 3 Just in!

Lobster Elite 3 Pre-owned machine in excellent little used condition. Its just had a full service and new higher capacity battery. The Elite 3 has a lot of great features, including: high ball speeds heavy top spin and back spin, horizontal oscillation random, wide and narrow! Plus vertical oscillation as well. Variable feed rates and height to smash levels make this a very versatile machine! Comes with an upgraded smart charger and our 3 month warranty included. You can also add remote control if you like for an additional £249! SPECIAL! The new price of this machine is £2295 Our price £1995! Interested? Call Nick 07890 290528 for more details.

£1799! Save £496 off the new price!!

Lobster Elite Liberty Just in!

£1199! Save £300 off the new price!!

Tennis Tutor Player Pro SOLD!


Tennis Tutor Prolite Just in!

£899! SAVE £400 off the new price!!

Lobster Grand 5 Just in!

£2895! SAVE £755 off the new price!!

Tennis Tutor Plus Just in!

£1499! SAVE £351 off the new price!!

Tennis Tutor Plus 4 Just in!

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Which Brand Sells More Used Tennis Machines

Suppose we talk about which tennis brand sells more used tennis machines. The answer is that there is no brand which sells used tennis machines. That is very rare if any brand sells a used tennis machine. Used tennis machines are always available on other markets places as Facebook, groups, communities, and Craigslist.

Most of the time, so many tennis lovers decide to sell the old machine and catch up with the new model, and that is where used tennis machines come into the game. You will be lucky if you find a used tennis machine from a trustworthy person because a trustworthy person will make you aware of all the good and bad things about the used machine and will also let you know the proper condition of the tennis machine.

Why Buy A Used Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Tennis Ball Machines Explained — Tennis Only VLOG #25

Tennis ball machines tend to be expensive new so like buying a new car if you decide not to use after a while and then store in the garage, when you come to sell it the used value will have dropped considerably on the new price. Buying a good used machine, like my machines that have been properly serviced and with new batteries etc are much more sensible way of buying a ball machine. If after one year you decide its not for you then your loss with be minimal. In fact I have bought back quite a few machines over the years. I give a 3 month guarantee on all the used machines I sell and I offer free delivery in Kent. Contact me now Nick 07890 290528

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How Can A Used Tennis Machine Make You A Good Tennis Player

Used tennis machines are a straightforward way to make you a good tennis player, but how?

When you like playing tennis, you cannot find the one who can play with you every day. You also do not have enough amount to pay for those high tennis ball machines.

Here come the used tennis ball machines which will be yours by not paying much. You will be able to play tennis every day at your own pace.

Why You Shouldnt Get A Used Lobster Tennis Machine

Buying used lobster tennis ball machines will be unfortunate sometime. Let me tell you this, What happens, when you buy any used one, you check before and that machine works fine.

However, we know that Lobster is used and what if after a few months that machine doesnt give you the good experience the way it used to be.

Furthermore, you dont know how many times the sellers have repaired the machine and how many games they have played before selling to you.

Thats why I would suggest, waiting for one or two months more to save some more money and get the new Lobster. I love to buy brand-new things always.

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Lobster Elite Series Ball Machines

Easy to Move

The lightweight, 35 lb elite liberty’s large, 8-inch, all-terrain wheels make it easy to push or pull the machine over any surface.

Easy to Transport

With an inverting hopper and folding handle, the elite is easy to transport to and from the court in your trunk or even your car seat.

Easy to Store

The elite’s small footprint makes it easy to store in your garage, spare room, or closet. When folded down, the machine measures 29″ x 21″ x 15.5″.

Extend Court Time

Need more playing time? The optional external battery pack simply plugs into the elite’s fast charger port to give an additional 4 to 8 hours.

Charge Faster

Average charging time is 18-24 hours with the basic charger. Reduce charge time to 3-6 hours with the optional premium charger.

Take Control

Control both the feed and the sweep operation on any elite ball machine with our optional elite remote.

Unlimited Power

Have access to a power outlet? If so, then the optional external ac power turns any elite into an AC machine for unlimited runtime.

6 pre-loaded drills: grinder, power baseliner, all-courter, moonballer, slicer, lefty
oscillation random horizontal, random vertical, random horizontal and vertical random horizontal, random vertical, random horizontal and vertical random horizontal, random vertical, fully random horizontal and vertical
two-line function
rechargable battery , a/c model available rechargable battery , a/c model available rechargable battery

4.1 out of 5 stars

How To Find Old Tennis Ball Machines

Lobster Tennis Ball Machine Model 401 for Sale in Litchfield Park, AZ ...

Decision matters finding is easy. First of all, I will highly recommend looking for a machine in your close circle ask your tennis-related friends because if you get a portable tennis machine from a person you know and you can trust is the best way ever to get a secondhand tennis ball machine.

Now, there are many sites where you can get tennis machines. Lets get to know them.

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Tennis Tutor Model 2 In Stock

Tennis Tutor Model 2 Pre-owned machine in mint condition. These are very popular simple reliable ball machines with good power and a good basic range of features, Including random oscillation, electronic hight adjustment, variable feed and power settings, very easy to manoeuvre with a pull out handle and wheels for transportation. Smart charger upgrade included. These machines are suitable for all ages, play time around 1.5 hours. 3 month warranty included. The new price of this machine is £1295, Our price £1095 Interested? Call Nick 07890 290528 for more info.

£850! SAVE £445 off the new price!!

Used Lobster Tennis Ball Machines Buying Guide

It makes no difference whether you have a used lobster tennis ball machine or a brand new one. The only thing matter is to make sure the Lobster is performing its best and has all of its features functioning.

However, if your budget is low and you are also interested in having a Lobster machine, then buying a used one might be a good option for you.


  • 7.1 Conclusion:
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    Why Used Tennis Machines Are Trending As Compared To The New One

    Used tennis machines are trending because so many tennis players love to appreciate tennis machines, but they can not pay that high amount.

    That is why they decide to go for used tennis machines always. There has been a boom in tennis games in recent years in a new generation. Most of them are looking to get a tennis machine which is used, and used tennis machines will not demand to pay high.

    All you need to do is find out which tennis machine is handy and in excellent condition. When we talk about new tennis machines and those machines demands, you pay high. So, new tennis players are not able to pay that amount. That is why used tennis machines are trending compared to old tennis machines.

    Lobster Elite 2 Key Functions

    The Lobster Pickle Ball Machine Review

    Lets start by talking about the most important and often most confusing feature of the Lobster Elite 2: triple oscillation.

    To simplify things, oscillation is a sweeping motion back and forth at a regular speed. With this in mind, the Lobster Elite 2 provides three options regarding ball movement around the court. Here are those options:

    • Side-to-side: The ability of the machine to feed balls and sweep from side to side is an essential function and available on all portable Lobster machines.
    • Forward and backward: Next up is the ability for the Elite 2 to move you forward by feeding shorter balls and then move you back by feeding deeper balls.
    • A combination of the two: Last but not least, you can use the side-to-side and forward-and-backward modes together.

    These three options combined are where Lobster has come up with the term triple oscillation.

    With all three of these modes, the Elite 2 feeds balls with random movement and placement, i.e., you might get two forehands in a row.

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    Used Tennis Ball Machines Vs New One

    When we talk about getting a brand new machine we also get a warranty and all advanced features which is reliable and durable to practice. Conversely, used tennis ball machines are not fulfilling these criteria. Yes, thats a fact.

    When someone sells a second-hand tennis machine, there are many reasons one wants to sell. However, you must have to make sure that the machine is working well and has all those features which you are looking to have.

    Maybe you find a tennis machine from the person you know and that machine has no issue and gives an amazing experience. Thats a Luck. That is what we want to convey in this article, how, where, and what to see before getting a tennis machine.

    Unfortunately, you will not be able to get a used tennis machine for the dog, and even it would be tough to get a used tennis machine for beginners.

    Why Buying A Refurbished Lobster Tennis Ball Machine Is Beneficial

    Without a lot of practice, you will be unable to make improvements in tennis. A tennis ball machine encourages a player to practice as well as improves muscles. On the other hand, Sometimes, you will have been tried because your tennis string combination become weak we give you another solution.

    Lobster Elite Grand V Limited Edition tennis ball machine that is refurbished, It is a refurbished new tennis ball machine which means it is refurbished with brand new parts. It is a great feature that is unparalleled on any tennis ball machine in the world.

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