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At D.C. Prime we serve only USDA Prime Beef, . Our fresh seafood is sourced direct from North Coast Seafood of Boston, MA., our whole lobsters from the cold waters of Maine, and our Mero Sea Bass Steaks arrive overnight from Honolulu Fish Company, Honolulu, HI. Our wine list is extensive, featuring over 500 bottles. Weve also been the recipient of numerous awards including the Zagot Award of Excellence, Best Steakhouse in Northern VA, Top Ten Best Steakhouse of DC area and Best Restaurant .

D.C. Prime, where food loverscome to meat.

Are Meat Delivery Services Expensive

In general, meat delivery services can be a bit more expensive than going to your local supermarket. However, most meat delivery services offer a range of quality and sourcing options that you won’t find elsewhere. Many meats available via online butchers are sourced from local ranchers and family farmers, and adhere to strict standards, such as certified organic, grass-fed, or free-range. Many online meat delivery services do offer a one-time discount or regular sales or promotions and some services even feature loyalty programs.

Steak And Seafood Direct Parked At Tractor Supply Through Saturday

Jeremy Anderson sports the logo on his shirt next to the Steak and Seafood Direct truck, which is parked at Tractor Supply in DuBois.

DuBOIS A tractor-trailer stocked full of prime meats and high-end seafood ready to sell will be parked at Tractor Supply on Beaver Drive through Saturday.

Steak and Seafood Direct, a Virginia-based meat and seafood wholesale business, offers beef, wild caught seafood, antibiotic free chicken and pork bundles, according to its Facebook page.

Steak and Seafood Directs grand re-opening for 2022 was Wednesday.

Manager Jeremy Anderson said this is their fourth time visiting DuBois, a community that always receives and supports the business very well.

We love coming to DuBois, he said. You guys are so good to us.

Sporting a Make America Grill Again shirt, Anderson said Steak and Seafood Directs mission is to offer these high-quality products at wholesale prices.

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Do Meat Delivery Services Offer Fresh Or Frozen Meat

It depends on the particular meat delivery service. Some services will only sell vacuum-sealed and flash-frozen meats, while other services specialize in fresh meats. Regardless of the company’s preferred method, count on your meat arriving with plenty of insulation, ice packs, and even dry ice. Shipments tend to arrive in a matter of days or even overnight to reduce spoilage.

How Do Meat Delivery Services Work

Shilohs Steak &  Seafood  Restaurants of Brevard

Certain meat delivery services use a subscription model, where you receive your meat delivery on a recurring schedule. Other companies also have curated and preselected gifts and sets. Count on building your cart, inputting your credit card payment details, confirming delivery and shipping information, and waiting for your meat to arrive at your doorstep in a matter of days or even overnight. For those who may be a little hesitant about cooking certain cuts at home, most butcher delivery services have detailed cooking instructions and recipe ideas on their website.

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Parking Lot Steaks: We Put $2 Ribeyes To The Test

SPRINGDALE If you listen to Cincinnati radio, you may have heard ads for a big steak sale in the parking lot of some local malls.

Many of us love a good steak. But steak is expensive, with filet mignon selling for as much as $25 a pound in grocery stores.

So the traveling steak sale that pulled into Cincinnati’s Tri County Mall this week is luring lots of budget-conscious shoppers.

The ads, and the sign on the tent, advertise 20 ribeyes for just $40.

What you get when you visit the sale

We wanted to find out what kind of steak you can get for two bucks these days.

So we walked into the tent, where we were immediately pitched a lot more than just a $40 box of ribeyes.

A salesman tried to sell us $300 worth of various frozen steaks, which he then agreed to unload at markdown for just $200, with the $40 ribeyes thrown in free.

But after explaining I only had $40, he finally agreed to sell me a box of 20 small frozen ribeye steaks.

Before leaving the parking lot, we showed our haul to some mall customers.

Jennifer Wright and Shauna Parks were not very impressed.

“It looks like a hamburger patty,” Parks said. “This does not look like a steak I’d eat, honestly.”

But appearances aside, are they any good?

The grilling test

We decided there was no better way to find out than to go to a good steak and burger place, and have them grill one up.

Chef Rob Nugent opened the parking lot steak, noting it was “really small and really thin.”

It cooked in just a couple of minutes.

Town Denies Peddler Permit To Meat Company

RUTLAND TOWN Citing past issues with permits and complaints about not following COVID-19 guidelines, the Select Board opted to deny a peddler permit to a mobile meat vendor.

We received another peddler permit request from Steak and Seafood Direct to operate on the property of Tractor Supply later on this week, Bill Sweet, administrative assistant to the Select Board, said at Tuesdays regular meeting. They did get permission from Tractor Supply to be there, but I wanted to bring it to you guys. There were a couple issues with them being down there last time so I wanted to discuss it with everybody and get their input.

Steak and Seafood Direct, according to its website,, is based in Richmond, Virginia. It claims to have been in the meat business for 10 years.

With our extreme buying power, we are bringing wholesale pricing to the public to serve familys world wide on quality steak and seafood, and much more, its website reads. Also, its currently promoting Mega Tractor Trailer Meat Tours with a request form on the site.

An email to the company from the Herald wasnt returned.

Select Board Chairman Joshua Terenzini said the company was in Rutland Town at Tractor Supply in April, operating out of a refrigerated box truck. They did not seek a permit. Terenzini said that he and Rutland Town Police Chief Ed Dumas went to the truck and secured the $100 permit.

The motion passed unanimously.


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Parking Lot Steaks Put To The Test

Our story on cheap meat being sold in a South Burlington parking lot got a lot of response. We got Facebook comments, emails and calls from viewers who bought steaks from the truck parked at the University Mall. Many said they ended up paying more and buying more than they expected. And the reviews were mixed.

Some described the steaks as:

“So thin, and when I unwrapped them, they just fell apart. Very disappointed. Asked for my money back.”

“They taste OK but very tough, like there’s lots of in them.”

Some went as far as calling it a scam. But others thought they got a great deal.

“We grilled up 1 of every variety to try and each one was better than the next!! Highly recommend!!!”

One customer said they got the deal on rib-eyes and said,

“Rather thin but very tasty! Some of the best tasting I have ever had!”

Since your reviews were so split, I decided to find out for myself. I went with Assignment Manager Garrett Heyns to the U-Mall parking lot and picked up 20 rib-eyes for $30, and then a few rib-eyes from a local grocery store.

Let’s first examine the cost. The meat from Star Steaks was $6 a pound. The store-bought rib-eyes were more than twice as costly at $14 per pound.

I prepped the grill and threw on the steaks. They only took about one minute or so to cook on each side. After they were ready, I gave them a try. The first was the frozen rib-eye.

Next, was the store-bought rib-eye. They were definitely a little thicker.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Prime House Steak And Seafood

Does Prime House Steak and Seafood take reservations?

Yes, you can make a reservation by picking a date, time, and party size.

Does Prime House Steak and Seafood have outdoor seating?

Yes, Prime House Steak and Seafood has outdoor seating.

How is Prime House Steak and Seafood rated?

Prime House Steak and Seafood has 4 stars.

What days are Prime House Steak and Seafood open?

Prime House Steak and Seafood is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun.

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