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Perfect trolling motor for small boats, canoes, kayaks – Minn Kota Endura MAX 45

A great value inflatable pontoon boat that allows you to chose from three separate oar lock positions. Made from high quality, easy maintenance materials that include powder coated steel tubing for the frame and abrasion resistant PVC.

Some of the features included are:

  • Waterproof motor mount
  • Padded plastic seat and nonslip foot rests


  • Great for exploring shallower waters
  • Plenty of room for storage
  • Includes tow aluminium oars


  • For those that put their boats under extremely heavy use, this lightweight version might not prove robust enough for their liking.

Arguably one of the best small fishing boats you can find for the price. Light enough to easily lift onto a roof rack on the top of the car, and comes with a good warranty that covers you for any damage experienced in the construction. It also has dual air chambers, meaning that if you do experience a leak then there are no worries about staying afloat. A great boat that honestly does provide amazing bang for your buck!

Q: Where Do I Mount A Saltwater Trolling Motor On My Boat

Most saltwater boats arent designed for a trolling motor, so the first question is: where do I mount a saltwater trolling motor? There are three options for mounting a saltwater trolling motor. Smaller boats, skiffs, canoes, and kayaks can use a trolling motor mounted to the transom. Transom mount motors, such as the Newport Vessels NV in this review, are attached to the transom with a couple of c-clamps. Control direction, speed, and steering with a tiller. Transom-mounted trolling motors are best for traveling to and from the fishing grounds in a small boat or paddle craft.Larger boats with an outboard motor use a bow-mounted trolling motor. The trolling motor base mounts to the bow deck, and the propeller hangs into the water. When you are using the main motor, stow the trolling motor. To maneuver around the fishing area and hold the boat in place, drop the motors propellor into the water. Bow mount trolling motors use a foot pedal or remote fob to control direction, speed, and motor functions. A trolling motor mounted on the bow is best for accurately positioning the boat in the fishing area, power drifting, slow trolling, and holding the boat in place.

Portable Fishing Boat Fishing And Safety

All boats are a compromise, and a portable fishing boat is no exception. The benefits are cost, portability, easy of maintenance, and storage. The main downside is the size. These boats are made for small, sheltered waters. They should not be used on larger bodies of water where there is a chop. The gunnels are not high and once water starts coming over the rails, it will quickly fill up.

Anglers should always have safety gear on board. This includes a whistle or horn, personal floatation devices , a throwable cushion, an anchor, and a paddle. Lights are not required during the day. These boats excel at quietly fishing small waters. They are perfect for mid sized streams!

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Tracker Super Guide V

No matter what socio-economic category you might fall into, its a fair bet youll find the Tracker Super Guide V-16 SC very affordable, with its sticker price of under $16,000. And while this may be a relatively small boat, it does have enough size to fish in a huge range of waterways with up to four people aboard.

A stock 40-horsepower Mercury outboard and a custom-matched galvanized trailer are included in the package price, as are a few surprising big-ticket items like a bow-mounted electric trolling motor, a fish finder, and five different seat pedestal locations plus two movable swiveling fishing seats.

Visit Tracker Boats to learn more.

Best For Large Boats: Minn Kota Riptide Terrova

My Mini Electric Mini

Bass Pro Shop

Why It Made The Cut

Go big with Minn Kota Riptide Terranovas advanced features and an 87-inch shaft with 112 pounds of thrust.

Specs/Key Features

  • Manual deploy and stow

Product Description

Everyone wants the convenience and control of the best trolling motors, even anglers in large sportfishing boats. To meet the need, Minn Kotas Riptide Terrova is available with an 87-inch shaft and 112 pounds of thrust. Thats sufficient size and power for a boat over 25-feet long. Using a trolling motor on an offshore boat, I can hold the boat on structure, slow troll down a weedline, or repeat a programmed drift. The Terrova even serves as autopilot to take me back to a saved position. I gain further control of the motors features and functions from the fish finder screen, my smartphone, or with the handheld remote with a color touchscreen. On a big boat, I need to control the trolling motor from the helm and the cockpit. Using the Terrovas integrated control, I can use the remote or my fish finder to run the motor. For offshore and inshore anglers looking for ultimate boat control, the Riptide Terrova offers the most advanced trolling motor features with a long shaft and high-power propulsion system.

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Nopteg Hangkai Water Cooled 2 Stroke 35 Hp Outboard Boat Motor

If you have been trying hard to find an outboard motor that doesnt force you to break the bank, this one should be right up your alley. Compared to many others out there, it doesnt cost a fortune, but you should also know that it comes with limited power.

You cant compare a 6.5HP engine with a 3.5HP one, but you can definitely opt for this one if your boat is light and you dont need a lot of power. The cooling technology is another aspect to keep in mind, and this one is water-cooled, which is convenient and reliable.

On top of everything, the NOPTEG alternative is eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and also easy to carry. The compact design makes it easy for you to service your engine before you store it for the winter. You dont have to worry about anything in terms of durability as this one is made from high-grade marine material, so it doesnt corrode easily.


  • Perfect for fishing boats, inflatable boats, but also small yachts
  • Covered by a 1-year warranty
  • Doesnt make a lot of noise
  • It weighs in at about 21 lbs, so its quite lightweight
  • Durable and easy to operate


Best For The Money: Newport Vessels Nv Series

Newport Vessels

Why It Made The Cut

An electric motor for small boats, the Newport Vessels NV Series has basic features at an affordable price.

Specs/Key Features

  • Power: 12 volt or 24 volt
  • Shaft: 30 or 36 inch
  • Thrust: 33, 46, 55, 62, 86 pounds


  • Not available in bow mount

Product Description

Anglers powering a small skiff, jon boat, flat transom canoe or kayak need a transom mount trolling motor with a tiller drive. Newport Vessels NV trolling motor provides reliable power at a great price. Available with a 30 or 36-inch shaft and power from 33 to 86 pounds, there is an NV model to fit any small watercraft. The NV has five forward speeds and three reverse speeds with smooth transitions between settings. To monitor battery life, an LED display keeps track of the remaining power. The Newport Vessels NV is simple and inexpensive, but it is also durable with corrosion-resistant components and sturdy construction. Electric motors are lighter and safer than a small gas outboard, and the Newport Vessels NV is also less expensive and easier to operate.

  • Only available in three models

Product Description

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Where Should Water Come Out On An Outboard Motor

Water should be removed via the hose attached to the water pump. However, there can be situations in which you might notice that water is coming out of your exhaust pipe, for example.

You should know that cooling water can exit through the exhaust and its absolutely normal. Its a part of the cooling system, along with the pee stream. When you are not moving, the exhaust can even bubble out from the lower unit as it exits out through the prop while you are underway. Theres nothing to worry about, in this case.

Sea Eagle Fishskiff 16

World’s Best Fly Fishing Boat – Twin Troller X10 – Small Water TV

Weight: 99.2 lbs.

Material: 1000D drop stitched proprietary

Outboard and trolling motor capable: yes, with a max of 10 HP

Max. capacity: 1763.7 lbs.

Sea Eagle is the name to beat in serious inflatables, and their FishSkiff 16 is an ideal fishing platform for everything from clear rivers to salt marshes. Whether youre chasing trout with flies or reds with spoons, this may just be the most versatile portable boat on the market.

One point to note upfront: the FishSkiff 16 rolls up into a compact package that can fit in the trunk of a car or the rear of an SUV. In terms of portability, its hard to equal.

A 16-foot boat that doesnt need a trailer? Count us as impressed!

And dont worry about durability. Made from an incredibly puncture-resistant 1000D drop stitched material, holes are simply not going to happen. Thats not wishful thinking: this boat has been put to the test everywhere from Arkansas to Alaska – and passed with flying colors.

Three separate air chambers will keep you afloat no matter what, and the deck of the FishSkiff 16 is no-slip and self-bailing. That makes it as seaworthy as the best on our shortlist, allowing you to run this skiff pretty much anywhere youd care to.

And the ultra-low gunwale design provides easy re-entry should you fall overboard. It also makes landing and releasing larger fish a snap.

For anglers who need to make long runs to where theyre fishing, thats game-changing.

Capacity simply wont be an issue.


Max. capacity: 439 lbs.

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Laker 612 Trolling Fisher Pontoon Boat

The Laker 612 Trolling Fisher Pontoon is nearly as deluxe as you can get when it comes to small pontoon boats with a trolling motor. The Laker boats are all typically built with square pontoons and all aluminum construction with a bed liner floor for excellent durability. The Laker resembles a full-sized pontoon boat with its solid rail around the perimeter, canopy, and 4 swivel chairs. It can be propelled with a 55 lb. C2 Minn Kota trolling motor, a 5 hp outboard engine, or up to a 20 hp outboard if you buy an aftermarket bracket for it.

Why Not A Kayak

Lets get the obvious question out the way first: why not buy a fishing kayak?

Now that there are legions of awesome kayaking options for anglers, including models that offer pedal or electric drive systems, easy mounting of rod holders and electronics, and awesome sea-worthiness, the arguments in favor of kayaks are pretty strong.

And since most of the portable boats we review are really one-man platforms, once you consider gear and tackle, those arguments get even stronger.

About the only reason we would prefer a portable boat to a fishing kayak is pure speed and range.

With a boat like the Takacat and a fuel-sipping outboard, youve got incredible speed combined with fantastic range, so getting to your fishing spot from the launch is going to be quick, and running from foul weather – always something to consider – will be easier.

But understand: these types of small boats are not nearly as easy to equip with multiple rod holders and electronics, unless you buy one of the Sea Eagle models, as they include built-in Scotty mounting pads that are ready to roll.

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Haswing Cayman 12v 55 Lbs Best Foot Control Trolling Motor

This is probably the most inexpensive trolling motor in this guide. However, just because it is cheap does not mean it is of inferior quality compared to the rest.It has some great features, and that is why this list of the best trolling motor options would not have been complete without us mentioning it.Although it does not have those fancy features on some expensive models, including multiple speed settings, it can be a great purchase if you are working on a very tight budget.

It is featuring 20lbs of thrust power. This trolling motor is only ideal for the smallest of kayaks and boats.Therefore, if you are going to be using larger vessels, you have to consider another model. It also comes with an adjustable handle that makes controlling the motor in different conditions a breeze.Despite its budget-friendly price, it still manages to go with a LED display to ensure you are always aware when the battery charge is running low.

Additionally, it boasts two forward speeds and a single backward speed setting that allows for optimal control.

Although the speed settings are limited, we have to agree that the price is reasonable enough. The best part is that it is backed by a two-year warranty that goes a long way to prove the motors durability.It also features a 23.6 inches shaft, thereby making it suitable for use in shallow waters.

What Are The Best Electric Trolling Motors

2 Man Fishing Boat With Trolling Motor
  • Warranty on both the motor and hardware
  • Runs quietly
  • LED display on the motor head
  • Eight speeds for precision trolling!
  • Several options available with variable thrust from 46 to 86 pounds
  • 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds
  • 10 point LED battery life indicator
  • LED battery display on the motor head
  • Eight speeds
  • 24 inch shaft ideal for use with kayaks
  • Extra long battery cables
  • 18 and 24 pound thrust models are both 12V
  • 24-Inch alloy shaft built for the toughest, most corrosive conditions
  • Designed for kayaks, small dinghies and inflatable boats
  • Array of different thrust motor strengths available
  • All models are 12V except the 70 pound thrust model which is 24V
  • Heel-toe cable-steer foot pedal
  • Wirelessly control the motor with the remote from a 164 foot distance
  • Fresh and saltwater approved
  • No power source required
  • Super affordable!

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Why Electric Motors For Small Boats

Some of you might be considering between the more affordable trolling motors, small gas engines for boat, and the all-electric motor for small boats.

If youve done the research, youll find that the electric motors for small boats have a lot of unbeatable advantages compared to the trolling motor and small gas motors for boats, making it the most popular choice today for small boat owners.

And anglers choose the electric motor for small boats mainly for the following reasons:

Skimmer Skiffs 146 Flats Boat

We love that the Skimmer Skiff 146 gets you out on a fiberglass shallow-water fishing machine with a mere four inches of draft. A $8,750 buy-in gets you the rolled-edge version with a 20 horse Tohatsu outboard and a trailer. . Take the remaining $1,250 and choose options ranging from rod holders to fishboxes. We also love the all-composite construction, full height transom, and easy to handle 275-pound displacement. Youll have to plan in the cost of some additional but basic must-have features like a bilge pump and stainless-steel cleats , but Skimmers totally custom outfitting means you wont be paying for extra items you dont want in the first place.

Visit SkimmerSkiff Boats, to learn more.

The Sun Dolphin Pro 102 is shockingly efficient at taking you to the fish, at an extremely reasonable price-point.

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Newport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust Electric Trolling Motor

  • Hardware is built to endure both fresh and salt water
  • Excellent price for such a high powered trolling motor
  • LED display on the motor head showing battery life
  • Eight speeds on this motor provides great trolling control
  • Cons:

    • Fairly loud for an electric motor
    • This motor although tough is not built to last like some other comparable motors . you get what you pay for with this one
    • Newport Vessels doesnt list a warranty for this product, but offers excellent customer service

    This 55-pound thrust model will really get you moving if you have a larger vessel that could use a little more oomph than a 30-pound thrust motor provides. There are also some even higher-powered options available through this same link.

    The power of this motor is definitely enough to move larger rowboats and john boats upwards of 14 feet and would power a small sailboat just fine as well. I really like the prop design on this unit its simple but effective. Like the previous motor by Newport Vessels listed this is compatible for saltwater use due to the corrosion-resistant stainless steel, zinc, and magnesium hardware employed in the design.

    Theres an LED display on the motorhead showing battery life as well as a telescoping handle for some added convenience when at the helm. Considering a lot of motors with comparable thrust are far more expensive, for the cost, this motor is an excellent value.

  • All the features of a regular trolling motor scaled down for kayak use
  • Saltwater rated
  • Cons:

    Easy To Start: Friendly For Woman And Children

    Small Outboard Motors – One of them is a better choice for small boats!

    We all know the pain of getting the small diesel motor for boats started. Its loud and the manual starting cord is not friendly to the female and children when you are going on a family trip.

    The electric small engine for boat is designed to save your headache with super easy electric start. Just turn on the electric throttle, you are ready to go.

    You might have heard about the electric starting gas outboard, but the tricky thing is that it is usually only available for the large horsepower gas outboards .

    So if you are looking for a small motor for boat with electric starting, you will need an all-electric small motor for your boat.

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