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To Save Whales Dont Eat Lobster Watchdog Group Says

We Tried 16 National Seafood Chains. Here’s The Best And Worst

The group says that the shellfish, long considered a more responsible choice, cannot be considered a guilt-free meal anymore.

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By Annie Roth

American lobster may be a beloved and delicious splurge, but it is no longer a sustainable seafood choice and consumers should avoid eating it, according to Seafood Watch, a group that monitors how fish and other seafood are harvested from the worlds oceans.

The organization made the announcement last week, motivated by concerns that the ropes used to fish for lobsters and some other seafoods often entangle critically endangered North Atlantic right whales. The marine mammals population has fallen to the low hundreds, and federal wildlife authorities say it faces extinction in the near future.

Seafood Watch is part of the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California and provides scientific guidance to businesses, including formal partnerships with some of the countrys major seafood buyers, about what seafood they sell to customers. The organization also provides seafood recommendations directly to consumers. Its credit card-size seafood purchasing guides can be found sitting next to packets of oyster crackers or stacks of wet wipes at seafood markets and in restaurants across the country.

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Lobster fishers and their allies in Congress say that Seafood Watchs decision is unfair given the industrys consistent compliance with state and federal laws aimed at protecting the whales. It is unclear whether Seafood Watchs actions will have the intended effect because major sellers and distributors of American lobster may be hesitant to halt sales of the beloved seafood.

While there are several types of lobster, such as the clawless spiny lobster and the blue European lobster, American lobsters are the most popular among consumers. Men and women have been catching the big-clawed crustaceans along the east coast of the United States and Canada mostly the same way since the 1800s.

A vast majority of commercial lobster fishermen still use pots, also known as traps, to catch their quarry. Pots are loaded with bait and lowered to the seafloor, where they are left to soak. To make the pots easy to recover, they are connected to a buoy floating at the surface by a vertical line of rope.

Whales can easily become entangled in these ropes, which can prevent them from reaching the surface to breathe or from diving deep enough to find food. Entangled whales that dont drown or starve right away may drag gear for years, causing deep lacerations and sapping energy that would be used for reproduction and growth.

Seafood Watch and other marine conservation organizations said the new regulations were a step in the right direction but didnt go far enough to help the whales recover.

Mystic Lobster Roll Company Will Be Opening Another Location In New Jersey

According to, the restaurant already has ten locations in the Garden State, and its menu is pretty expansive.

From three different styles of lobster roll to white cheddar mac and cheese, plus sliders and sandwiches.

The new location is set to open sometime in the Fall and will be located at 101 Miln Street in Cranford New Jersey.

What I like about this place is that they use a ton of lobster in each sandwich, a third a pound each according to!

If you’ve never had a lobster roll before, I can’t recommend you try it enough!

Especially with all of the great spots around the Jersey Shore that serve it.

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Use Red Lobster Restaurant Locator

Go to and let the site use your current location to find where you can eat a good Red Lobster close by. Use the official restaurant locator to search by zip code or by city, here is a screenshot of the search from their website:

After selecting a location, you will see a list of the nearest restaurants and information such as directions, phone numbers and opening hours, something like this:

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“My waitress Leslie was outstanding. The lobster tail was alright same as the steak, a bit pricy but probably due to inflation in everything these days. The dessert chocolate cake was great! The warm cake and cold ice cream just go together well. Great service so I will be back. Worth 3.5 Stars.”

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Internet Debates: Are Red Lobster Olive Garden Other Chains Actually Good

Chain restaurants that have long represented staples of American culture are the latest subject of a fiery online debate.

Detractors and defenders of popular chains have gone viral, arguing over the merit of the large institutions.

“I don’t understand how the following restaurants are still in business,” said user Alex Cohen on Saturday. He listed Chili’s, Applebee’s, Olive Garden and Red Lobster in the tweet with 15,700 likes.

I dont understand how the following restaurants are still in business:- Chilis

Alex C

On the opposing side, John Ketchum tweeted on Monday, “I’m convinced Red Lobster/Olive Garden slander is something that was created on Twitter. Folks on here from small towns know those are places you went after prom, homecoming, etc. Stop acting brand new.” His tweet has racked up a similar 14,400 likes.

A Chili’s spokesperson told Newsweek that its value comes from “being the first of its kind in the casual dining industry” and “continuing to innovate.” Newsweek also reached out to Red Lobster, Olive Garden and Applebee’s for comment.

I’m convinced Red Lobster/Olive Garden slander is something that was created on Twitter. Folks on here from small towns know those are places you went after prom, homecoming, etc. Stop acting brand new.

John Ketchum

“These restaurants are a good way for working class people to feel like they can take their families out to a more upscale dining experience that’s affordable,” argued Zaid Jilani.

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