Imitation Crab Seafood Salad Recipe

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How To Make Crab Salad

Easy Delicious Crab Seafood Salad Recipe: How To Make Imitation Crab Salad
  • Combine the crab meat, red onion, celery, and chives in a large bowl.
  • In a separate bowl whisk together the mayo, sour cream, fresh lemon juice, dijon mustard, Old bay seasoning, salt, and black pepper.
  • Combine the creamy dressing with the crab and veggies gently mix to combine. Season with additional salt and pepper to taste.
  • Pasta Crab Salad Recipe

    Best Seafood Salad Recipe Imitation Crab And Shrimp from Pasta Crab Salad Recipe. Source Image: Visit this site for details:

    In much of these healthy salad recipes also clothing is disposed in the exact same bowl. I do not enjoy added actions. And also honestly, with several salads you do not need to make clothing individually. We never did in Ukraine as well as look, I turned out simply fine.

    The Best Seafood Salad

    This is the easiest and best imitation crab seafood salad recipe and it can be served in a variety of ways. This is a cold salad with a creamy sauce and some added crunch from minced celery and red onion. It is perfect to enjoy on a warm day or hot summer night. I make my seafood salad with Aquamar ® Surimi Flakes. I have always had trouble finding imitation crab that tastes as good as I expect it to and Aquamar Surimi Flakes exceeds those expectations. Plus, it is conveniently available at Walmart.

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    Ingredients You Will Need

    Imitation crab meat- 2 lbs of chunk or flake style. It doesnt matter if you buy it freshly packaged or frozen. Just be sure it is fully thawed before processing.

    Mayonnaise This recipe calls for a blend of mayo and salad dressing which is most popularly known as Miracle Whip.

    Celery- Fresh celery pureed to a fine consistency gives this salad a nice crunch and flavor. We used a food processor to get it to a fine consistency.

    Spices- For best taste, you will need a little salt, black pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What kind of crab should I use to make Crab Salad ?

    This recipe uses imitation crab meat, sometimes referred to as krab or krab meat. Dont think that even though it isnt actual crab meat that this isnt still actual seafood. This is actually why many people refer to the salad as Seafood Salad.

    What is Imitation Crab made of?

    Imitation Crab Salad is actually made with Surimi, a whitefish that is ground then binded with a starch to resemble a crab leg. Huffington Post wrote a great post about what exactly imitation crab is. Its true that, nutritionally, youre better served purchasing actual crab meat, but for the purposes of this classic seafood salad, this is the ingredients you will find when you go to your grocers seafood counter.

    How should I serve Crab Salad?

    Make an amazing sandwich by adding it to a toasted hoagie roll with lettuce. Or add Crab Salad to 1 pound of cooled shaped pasta for a Seafood Pasta Salad, just double the ingredients outside of the crab meat to flavor the pasta as well, too. For a low carb presentation, add Crab Salad to a cored out vine ripe tomato.

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    How to Store Crab Salad

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    Easy Seafood Boil With Old Bay Sauce

    Anyone who’s attended an old-fashioned seafood boil knows how fun this eating event can be: Typically, a big ol’ pot full of seafood such as shrimp or crab, plus vegetables such as corn or potatoes, is boiled with aromatics, dumped out onto a serving platter or newspaper, and eaten family style often with no utensils, just your hands . Our quick and easy version features snow crab legs, extra-jumbo shrimp, and crayfish boiled with bay leaves and plenty of butter, then drained and tossed in a lemony butter sauce flavored with iconic Old Bay seasoning and crushed garlic.

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    Spicy Crab Salad Sushi

    Homemade sushi might not always come out resembling the picture-perfect rolls served up by your favorite Japanese spot, but it will certainly be tasty. That’s reason enough to ditch the takeout menu, grab your bamboo sushi-rolling mat, and whip up some of these spicy crab salad rolls, made using the imitation crab meat known as surimi. Bound with Sriracha mayo, the surimi is rolled into nori and sushi rice along with black sesame seeds and cucumber sticks, sliced, and served with additional spicy mayo.

    Ways To Serve Crab Salad

    Best Imitation Crab Salad Recipe

    You can eat this crab salad as-is, or serve it in a variety of different presentations.

    • Lettuce: Spoon your crab into a butter lettuce cup.
    • Crackers: Serve your salad with a side of buttery crackers.
    • Sandwich: Add your crab to a toasted roll along with some green leaf lettuce.
    • Avocado: Spoon your crab into an avocado half.
    • Pasta: Add 8 ounces of cooked short pasta to make a pasta salad.
    • Cucumber: Spoon onto cucumber slices for an easy party snack.
    • Puff Pastry: Fill up cooked puff pastry shells with the salad.

    Once you try this crab salad, youll be hooked. Its so much fresher tasting than the deli version and the recipe can easily be doubled or tripled to serve a crowd!

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    Easiest Oven Baked Crab Legs

    Although you might think you’d have to wait to visit a restaurant in order to enjoy those massive crab legs that are so tasty, they’re actually extremely easy to make at home. King crab legs are readily available in the frozen section of supermarkets such as Costco, and though they can be pricey, they make for a luxurious dinner. In this easy recipe, crab legs are simply cut into sections, brushed with Old Bay butter, wrapped in foil, and then gently baked until just heated through. The crab is served with additional butter for dipping and goes perfectly with simple summery sides such as corn on the cob and potato salad.

    Crab Salad Recipe Details

    I love this Crab Salad recipe because it has so much flavor and takes very little work. Seafood salads look elegant, too, so its perfect for bringing to family holidays and get-togethers.

    • TASTE: The unique mix of crab and shrimp with a tasty dill dressing and vegetables is delicious.
    • TEXTURE: Creamy dressing, tender seafood, and boiled egg make a satisfying and filling combo.
    • TIME: This Crab Salad recipe is so easy to make. Its perfect for bringing to a last-minute party.
    • EASE: This dish is a huge timesaver! No cooking required and done in 30 minutes.

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    Imitation Vs Real Crab Meat

    Imitation Crab Salad

    I have dealt with a lot of criticism over using imitation crab meat in my Crab Pasta Salad. Guys, Im fine with it. I love the stuff.

    That being said, I also love real crab meat. Its delicious! The reason for using imitation crab meat in this and my other recipes is twofold.

  • Imitation crab meat is cheaper than real crab meat. Using imitation means more people can make my recipes.
  • It hold up better in salads like this.
  • All of that being said, if you would like to use lump crab meat, go for it! Buy it fresh or by the can, and just make sure that you pick over it really well for shells before adding it to the salad.

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    Ways To Serve Seafood Salad

    You can eat this seafood salad as-is, or serve it in a variety of different presentations.

    • Lettuce: Spoon your salad into a butter lettuce cup.
    • Crackers: Serve your salad with a side of buttery crackers.
    • Sandwich: Add your seafood to a toasted and buttered roll along with some green leaf lettuce.
    • Avocado: Spoon your seafood into an avocado half.
    • Pasta: Add 8 ounces of cooked short pasta to make a pasta salad.
    • Cucumber: Spoon onto cucumber slices for an easy party snack.
    • Puff Pastry: Fill up cooked puff pastry shells with the salad.
    • Tomato: Hollow out a tomato and fill it with seafood salad.

    No matter how you serve your crab and shrimp salad, its sure to be a hit! I always get requests for the recipe when I serve this salad at events, people go crazy over it!

    How To Make Seafood Salad

    This recipe is so simple to prepare and youll be glad to know that you can mix it all up in one bowl. I like to use my hands to break the Aquamar Surimi into bite-size pieces then place it into a bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients and gently stir.


    Enjoy right away if you like, but it tastes even better after spending a few hours in the fridge. There are so many ways to enjoy this seafood salad. Heap it into a hoagie roll, serve on a bed of lettuce, or spoon it into a tomato thats been split and fanned out. You can even eat it right out of the bowl as a dip with some crackers.

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    Baked Imitation Crab Chimichangas

    Imitation crab chimichangas are a twist on the classic Southwestern deep-fried burrito. Theyre full of delicious flavors, including three types of cheese, Old Bay seasoning and garlic powder.

    Crab Chimichangas are the perfect meal for when you want to satisfy both your Tex-Mex and seafood cravings and they only take a total of 35 minutes to make.

    Serve it with salsa or sour cream for an extra kick of flavor.

    Total Preparation Time: 10 minutes

    Crab Salad Seafood Salad Dinner Then Dessert


    Best Seafood Salad Recipe Imitation Crab And Shrimp from Crab Salad Seafood Salad Dinner then Dessert. Source Image: Visit this site for details:

    I just tried this salad today as well as I have actually made it twice! My papa likewise LOVED it! I have been searching for a simple homemade salad clothing and this is excellent. Im an active mama of two young child young boys as well as am always try to find healthy, fast, and also very easy meals. This is most definitely a new favorite.

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    Seafood Pasta Salad Recipe W Crab Meat & Shrimp

    Best Seafood Salad Recipe Imitation Crab And Shrimp from Seafood Pasta Salad Recipe w Crab Meat & Shrimp. Source Image: Visit this site for details:

    If theres one veggie thats the celebrity of summer, the tomato is definitely it. Right here are some of my favorite summer salad recipes that place tomatoes front & .

    How To Serve Imitation Crab Salad

    One of the best ways to enjoy this easy recipe is by making it into a crab salad sandwich. Use your favorite sandwich bread, rolls, or hamburger buns and pile on with crisp lettuce and juicy tomatoes. When Im in a hurry, Ill make a salad with fresh lettuce and tomatoes and serve it with some buttery crackers.

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    How To Customize Imitation Crab Salad

    My recipe is a great base recipe to customize to fit to your own tastes. Other flavorings you can add include fresh dill, capers, peas, Old Bay Seasoning , or even a bit of dijon.

    Just a quick note on dill: I tested the recipe with dried dill and wasn’t very impressed with the taste, I recommend using fresh dill instead if you desire dill flavor.

    Tips For Seafood Salad

    Seafood Salad Recipe
    • I use imitation crab flakes because theyre already cut into bite sized pieces. You can also buy the stick-style imitation crab and slice it yourself.
    • I highly recommend using fresh dill, the flavor is superior to dried dill. If you need to use dried dill, you can substitute 1/2 teaspoon of dried for fresh.
    • You can use low fat mayonnaise if desired.
    • I like to use small salad sized shrimp so that theyre bite sized, look for shrimp that are 51-60 count per pound.
    • Its best to use raw shrimp which are then briefly boiled and cooled in an ice bath. This will give your shrimp the best flavor and texture. You can use pre-cooked shrimp in a pinch.
    • I recommend making sure your red onion is finely chopped so that you dont get large pieces in each bite. You can also use sliced green onions instead of red onion for a milder flavor.
    • This seafood salad can be kept in the fridge for up to 2 days.
    • You can use any combination of seafood that you like in this salad, just be sure that the total weight is one pound of seafood. Other great options include bay scallops or diced lobster meat.

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    Best Crab And Corn Chowder

    A classic combination, sweet crab and corn unite in this simple, hearty soup that melds the flavors of its two star ingredients with those of onion, carrot, and potato. After simmering with chicken stock for half an hour, the soup is enriched with a bit of tangy crème fraîche, and the lovely end result is spooned into bowls and topped with chopped fresh chives. Add some crusty bread and a green salad, and you’ve got a complete meal ready to be enjoyed.

    Shrimp Linguine Alfredo Recipe

    If you’ve never twirled a rich, creamy linguine Alfredo around your fork and then scraped the remains of the sauce from your bowl using a crusty slice of bread then you’re going to want to change that, stat. And what better way to gild the lily of this pasta coated in Parmesan-accented heavy cream than to add sautéed shrimp into the mix? This easy linguine comes together in just half an hour and results in four deep bowls of cheesy pasta tossed with perfectly pink shrimp we think you’re going to want to make it tonight.

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    The Best Imitation Crab Seafood Salad

    Angela / /

    This post has been sponsored by Aquamar ® . All thoughts and opinions are my own.

    Seafood Salad made with imitation crab meat, mayonnaise, lemon juice, celery, red onion and a few basic seasonings is a delicious and affordable option for when that seafood craving hits. Depending on what your mom called it, this is the classic crab salad or seafood salad we all grew up with. Much like tuna casserole and impossible pies, seafood salad made with imitation crab meat takes me back to my childhood. Its a classic dish that Ill never grow tired of.

    Hot Imitation Crab Dip

    Easy Shrimp and Crab Salad Recipe | Seafood Salad | How to make Crab Salad

    Hot imitation crab dip is the perfect way to enjoy toasted breads, crackers, or veggie sticks like carrots or celery.

    Its so easy to make, too! Add mayo, cream cheese, and your favorite spices and seasonings to imitation crab.

    Microwave for 1-2 minutes and get ready to dip into some creamy crab goodness.

    This also makes for a great sandwich filling!

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    Best Seafood Salad Imitation Crab And Shrimp Recipes

    Best Seafood Salad Recipe Imitation Crab And Shrimp from 10 Best Seafood Salad Imitation Crab and Shrimp Recipes. Source Image: Visit this site for details:

    Cool, floral, as well as rejuvenating, this luscious cucumber salad is the ideal accompaniment to any number of summer entrees, including barbeque pulled pork, grilled chicken, smoked brisket, as well as much more. If you can not locate English cucumbers, simply utilize regular cukes, however peel them.

    What Kind Of Crab Should I Use To Make Crab Salad

    Flaked imitation crab is the best crab to use for crab salad, because of its mild flavor and tender texture. If flaked imitation crab cant be found, theres also leg style imitation crab. Flaked imitation crab can be flaked into smaller pieces, but a sharp knife will likely be needed to cut the leg style crab.

    Real crab may also be used, but it will be more expensive and have a stronger fish taste. I recommend using lump or jumbo lump crab.

    There are pros and cons to both imitation crab and real crab. Imitation crab is significantly cheaper and can be used straight from the package, but is a processed ingredient. Real crab can be very expensive, but is higher in protein, vitamins, and minerals.

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