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We Finally Know Why Red Lobster Is So Cheap

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Best: Live Maine Lobster 1 1/4 Lb Steamed

This dish is far lower in calories and sodium than most options on the Red Lobster menu, Price suggests. Though its high in saturated fat , you have the option to serve this dish with sides such as heart-healthy veggies and whole grains, which is a way to make the most of out of this meal, especially because the main dish has zero grams of carbohydrates.

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$16.49 | 370 Calories

$7.99 | 590 Calories

Nutritional content includes fixed sides, condiments and dipping sauces but not side choices, which are listed separately.

A 2,000 calorie-per-day diet is used for general nutritional advice, but calorie needs vary.


“Summerfest” is a registered trademark of Milwaukee World Festival, Inc. and is used with permission.

Due to supply disruptions, item availability and recipes may vary. Thank you for understanding.

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Faqs Related To Red Lobster

Who owns Red Lobster?

Red Lobster is owned by Golden Gate Capital since 2014.

How much does Red Lobster pay?

If we talk about the average salary that Red Lobster pays per hour then it is approximately $8.25 for Staff assistants to $17.10 for delivery drivers.

The average Red Lobster salary ranges from approximately $19,403 per year for Server Assistants to $113,338 per year for Senior System engineers.

How old do you have to be to work at Red Lobster?

If you want to work at Red Lobster then the minimum age required to work there is 18 years old.

Red Lobster Menu Options

Steak and Lobster

Red Lobster the largest seafood chain in America has a wide variety of seafood options available, such as shrimp, crab legs, scallops, fish, and lobster, of course! If youre not a seafood lover and youre just going along with the group for a meal, dont worry. Theres plenty of options for land lubbers food, too. Red Lobster serves a variety of steaks, chicken, and pastas to satisfy that crowd.

One of Red Lobsters signature menu items comes with every dine-in meal, and most of the to-go ones the famous Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Cheddar Biscuits have been a hit with customers for decades. You can separately order a dozen for just $4.99. Red Lobster also has more signature sides available for a separate order, including Coleslaw, Pina Colada Sauce, Cocktail Sauce and Tartar Sauce. You can order these online at: Red Lobster Side Orders

Red Lobster also prides itself on classic desserts like Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with layers of sweet Italian cream and Brownie Overboard with warm brownie wedges.

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Dining Notes: Red Lobster Debuts New Menu For Non

Red Lobster is for more than just the “seafood lover in you.”

In what the company bills as its “most comprehensive menu transformation in brand history,” Red Lobster’s new menu launched Monday includes salads, pasta, chicken and pork. With the new additions, nearly 25 percent of the restaurant chain’s menu is non-seafood options, up from just 8 percent in the previous menu.

When Bill Darden and Charley Woodsby opened their first Red Lobster 44 years ago in Lakeland the restaurant was billed as a “Harbor for Seafood Lovers.”

With the expanded menu, Red Lobster is hoping to broaden its appeal to consumers by eliminating the “veto vote,” those persons in the family or group of friends or coworkers that eliminate the restaurant as a dining option because they don’t like seafood.

The new menu also includes 15 new dishes under $15, making dining out more affordable to diners who for years viewed a trip to Red Lobster as a special occasion and for others who have cut back on spending in today’s tough economy.

Among those menu items under $15 – branded as “Maine Stays” – are:

¦ Tilapia with Roasted Vegetables : Seasoned and roasted in a parchment bag with white wine, asparagus, artichokes and wild rice pilaf.

¦ Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp : With a peach-bourbon BBQ glaze and pico de gallo, served over mashed potatoes and choice of accompaniment.

¦ Wood-Grilled Chicken with Portobello Wine Sauce : Served with mashed potatoes and choice of accompaniment.

Other new items include:

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Worst: Cajun Chicken Linguini Alfredo Full Portion

“This dish is extremely high in calories, saturated fat, and sodium,” Price explains. However, she suggests that this meal has a relatively high amount of fiber, though it is unclear where it comes from because there are no vegetables or whole grains. Best to stay away from this one, even with its mystery fiber boost.

Expansion And Ownership Changes

Trying ALL Of Red Lobster’s Most Famous Menu Items

In 2010, Seasons 52 started a new expansion phase opening up in 11 more states over the next three years.

In January 2011, Darden announced their Olive Garden and Red Lobster brands in smaller markets to share kitchen but continue separate menus and eating areas. As part of the February Darden analyst conference, an analyst indicated that the corporation may be targeting another restaurant chain for acquisition possibly one of , or Yard House. In October 2011, Darden acquired 2 chains, Eddie V’s Prime Seafood and Wildfish Seafood Grille, for $59 million cash transaction and were placed within its , Also in October, Darden signed an area development agreement with of Kuwait to develop and operate at least 60 locations using the Red Lobster, Olive Garden and LongHorn Steakhouse concepts.

In July 2012, Darden acquired the Yard House 39 location beer-centric chain for $585 million from . Yard House will be alongside the other upscale restaurants in Darden’s Specialty Restaurant Group. On December 23, 2013, Darden’s stock rose 3 percent after activist investor , a , took a stake in the company.

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What To Serve With Steak

In addition to being a very refreshing and crisp summer snack, the iceberg wedge salad with bleu cheese dressing is a traditional steak side dish. This salad is made out of a wedge of romaine lettuce drizzled with homemade dressing and topped with freshly diced tomatoes, thin red onion ribbons, and crumbled bleu cheese, among other ingredients.

Red Lobster 3 Course Meal For $1899

Red Lobster has 3 Course Meal for $18.99 which features a soup or salad, individual-sized starter, and entree for $18.99. Per usual, all meals are served with the beloved Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Here are your meal options for each category:

Soup or Salad:

  • New England Clam Chowder Cup
  • Lobster Bisque Cup
  • Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp
  • Crispy Green Beans

* Offer available for a limited time at participating locations in the U.S. and Canada not available in Puerto Rico or Guam. Prices higher in New York Times Square, Hawaii, and Canada. Pricing indicated excludes beverages , applicable taxes and gratuities. Available for Dine-in or To Go third party delivery excluded. Offer not combinable with any other offer or coupon relating specifically to the soups, salads, starters, or entrées included in this offer. See for full terms.

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Kung Pao Noodles With Crispy Shrimp

The Kung Pao noodles with crispy shrimp dish comes loaded with 1,360 calories, 35g fat, 8g saturated fat, 203g carbohydrates, 55g protein, and 5,700mg sodium. This pasta dish is substantially higher in sodium than all other pasta meals on the menu. .

If you do opt for a pasta dish, ask for a half-order instead of the full meal and skip the starters and sides.

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Steak and Lobster

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The Truth About Red Lobster

Red Lobster occupies something of a strange place in the landscape of American dining, and Slate says it has something to do with their long-time link to the middle class. They captured the market when it came to normal American families looking for a good meal out that wasnt going to break the bank, but had better than Dollar Menu value. They were the flagship of casual family dining, and their heyday was in the 1990s.

That heyday has faded, and just like the landscape of the entire country has changed, so has dining. Red Lobster was suddenly looking at how they could win customers back rather than keep them, and that says a lot about not just what families are looking for in terms of 21st century dining, but about what they can afford. Casual has given way to fast-casual , but one things for sure nothing can beat those biscuits or the endless shrimp. So, lets talk about Red Lobster and what you might not know about this iconic American chain.

What Theyre Famous For

The brand takes pride in serving only the best quality seafood and the freshest fish to their customers. Their grilled items are specially flavored and grilled in wood fire grill to produces a more flavorful dish. It specializes on all seafood dishes such as lobsters, shrimp, salmon, crabs, and more. Here are some of Red Lobsters signature dishes:

  • Dueling Lobster Tails roasted Maine lobster tail stuffed with langostino lobster macaroni and cheese paired with seafood stuffed two split lobster tail served with mashed potatoes, roasted green beans, and sundried tomatoes.
  • Lobster Lovers Dream roasted rock lobster tail and split Maine lobster served with Lobster and Shrimp Linguine Alfredo.
  • Steakhouse Lobster Surf and Turf a combination of roasted stuffed split Maine lobster and wood fire grilled topped with Chilean langostino lobster in 3cheese sauce and roasted mushroom and garnished with mashed potatoes, roasted greens, and sundried tomatoes.
  • Langostino Lobster Topped Tilapia with Mushroom Cream Sauce one of the newest additions to Red Lobsters menu, this dish consists of wood fire grilled tilapia topped Chilean langostino lobster in 3cheese sauce and roasted mushrooms, fresh broccoli and your choice of side dish.
  • Roasted Maine Lobster Bake roasted petite split Maine lobster tails served with sweet corn on a cob and baby gold potatoes in white wine and garlic butter sauce.

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Red Lobsters Signature Feasts

Red Lobster recently introduced a brand new signature feast to their menu. The Ultimate Feast and Ultimate Surf and Turf have been favorites for a while, and the chain decided to expand on their success with the brand new Mariners Feast. They will also be bringing back the Sea Farers Feast and the Harborside Lobster and Shrimp. In addition to these five options, you can also order the Seaside Shrimp Trio, the Admirals Feast and more.

What Wine Goes With Lobster

We Tried 15 Red Lobster Menu Items. Here’s What You Should Order
  • The Top 5 Wines for Lobster Chardonnay . A white wine with lobster is unquestionably best served with Chardonnay as the wine of choice.
  • Riesling. Due to its high acidity, fruity aromas, and sweet floral overtones, Riesling is a perfect match for the inherent sweetness found in lobster meat.
  • Sauvignon Blanc is a kind of white wine.
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    Red Lobster Contact Details

    Contact number: +1-800-562-7838

    Headquarters: P.O. Box 4969, Orlando, FL 32801-4969.

    Red Lobster To Go: The To Go menu is similar to the regular menu provided above. You can order anytime offline or online through

    Red Lobster Near Me

    Locating a Red Lobster can get a little challenging since its restaurants are open at several locations. You might not be willing to travel to a farther location when you could have located a Red Lobster near you. To do so, visit the official website of Red Lobster use the store locator. You will have to enter your state or city or zip code, which will let you find a need lobster near you.

    Red Lobster Hours

    Red Lobster restaurants open at 10 am and close at 11 pm on weekdays. While on Sundays, Red Lobster restaurant starts functioning at 10 am but closes at 10 pm, an hour earlier than their usual timings. During the holiday season like Christmas, Easter or New Year eve, these timings may get changed. In case of any doubt, it is always better to contact the Red Lobster customer support team and seek answers.

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