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Whats The Stuff Inside The Lobster Tail

Grilled Lobster Tails | How to Grill Perfect Lobster Tails Every Time

It is always important to make sure that the lobster tail has been properly cleaned, regardless of the method of cooking. Remove the long, thin vein that runs down the center of the tail . This is the lobsters digestive tract. Although it wont hurt if eaten, it does not taste good.

Another common finding within your lobster tail can be roe near the top of the tail. Make sure to clean thoroughly. Get to know more about the parts of a lobster.

Pro Tip: Is your tail red or pinkish in color? There is no difference in the taste or quality of the meat. It is simply a tail from a female lobster.

  • Remove the Tail Meat, Whole

How To Prepare Lobster Tail

Start by choosing lobster tails that are similar in size so that they cook at the same rate. Use sharp kitchen shears to cut down the top of each tail. Place a knife into the cut you made, then cut through the lobster flesh, stopping when you hit the bottom shell. Use your hands to flatten the cut lobster tail. Place a wood or metal skewer through the lobster meat, which will keep it from curling up as it cooks. This cutting technique will allow for the lobster meat to make direct contact with the grill, which gives it more of that great smoky flavor.

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Do You Need To Boil The Lobster Tails Before Grilling

If you have managed to source raw lobster tails, theres no need to boil them first, as this could make them tough. Grilling straight from raw will produce tender, juicy meat. Lobster tails can also be bought pre-boiled, and its fine to grill these. If youre not sure what you have, look at the shell: cooked lobster will have a bright orange/pink shell, whereas raw lobsters will be dark grey/brown with tinges of blue, green or pink.

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How To Set Up The Grill For Lobster Tails

Here is the best way to set up the grill for lobster tails:

  • Heat a gas grill to 350° to 400°F.
  • For a charcoal grill, let the coals burn for about 10 minutes, and keep a cooler zone of indirect heat if the fire becomes too hot.

Here is a guide on how to choose the best grill whether youre in the market for a charcoal or gas grill.

How To Butterfly Lobster Tails For Grilling

Grilling Lobster Tails

The first step in any grilled lobster recipe is to prep the lobster. You can butterfly lobster tails for grilling by bringing the flesh over the shell the same way you would for broiled lobster tails, but below Ill show you a different, slightly easier method.

  • Cut the lobster shell. Cut down the center of the shell lengthwise, starting from the end opposite the tail fins and going down the the tail, but do not cut the tail.

TIP: Cut the top shell only. You want to cut the top shell and some of the flesh, but not all the way through the bottom shell.

  • Cut. Use a knife to cut lengthwise along the center ridge, but again dont cut through the bottom shell.
  • Flatten. Use your hands to pry open the tail and then press with your palm to flatten, so that it opens up.
  • Skewer. Run the skewer lengthwise through the center of the flesh. This helps to prevent the lobster tail from curling up on the grill.

TIP: Soak your skewers in water first, so they dont start a fire on the grill. Simply place them in a shallow pan filled with water for 30-60 minutes and weigh down with a bowl to keep them submerged.

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Is Lobster Better Steamed Or Grilled

I prefer to grill lobster rather than steam it. When you steam lobster, it can get a little water logged which dilutes the flavor of the meat. Grilled lobster has a lot more flavor, and is just as easy to make as the steamed version. Another great option is to broil your lobster tails in the oven.

Once you try these grilled lobster tails, youll never want to eat this delicacy any other way! This recipe is easy enough for a busy weeknight, yet elegant enough to serve to company.

Open The Lobster Like A Book

3. The remaining soft membrane will keep the sections intact while exposing the meat.

4. Lobster is grilled over direct medium heat. Rub the flesh with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

5. Grill flesh side down for approximately 5-7 minutes, then flip. Figure another 4-5 minutes after you flip the tail. I am using 6-8 oz. tails here.

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How To Prepare Lobster Tail For Grilling

There are a few different ways you can prepare a lobster before cooking. Many lobster recipes just have you cut the top part of the shell before cooking. I personally think by splitting the tail all the way in half you get better flavor and more even cooking. And more even exposure to the heat means an all-around better cooked lobster tail.

To prepare your lobster tail for grilling, use sharp kitchen shears to split the tail of the lobster open. Next, grab a sharp knife to cut through the meat of the lobster following the line you made with the shears. Take care not to cut through the membrane of the shell, only the meat itself.

Next, press your lobster tails open so the meat is fully exposed. Season the meat with salt and pepper prior to grilling.

Is Lobster Better Boiled Or Grilled

How to Grill Lobster Tail

Grilling adds a pleasant smokiness to lobster, but they take up a lot of grill space while they cook. Since grilling times vary depending on the size of the lobster, determining doneness can be challenging. Larger lobsters become tough and dry on the grill and are better suited for boiling.

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Clawed Vs Clawless Lobsters

While there are lots of different kinds of lobster out there, the crustaceans fall into two main categories: clawed lobsters and those without claws. The most common and popular clawed lobster is the Maine lobster, which comes from the cold waters off the northern Atlantic coast. It has two distinctive meaty front claws and four more pairs of legs, and it is whats most often depicted when you see pictures of whole steamed lobsters. Lobsters without claws, known as spiny or rock lobsters, have five sets of legs that are all the same size and often live in warmer waters, like those the Caribbean and off the coast of Florida. All of the edible meat in spiny lobsters is in the tail.

What Temperature Should Lobster Be Cooked To

This is a good question. Per the USDA, lobster should be cooked to 145 degrees internal. Having put that out there as a disclaimer, Ill tell you I never take lobster over 130 degrees internal. Other bloggers will say they only cook lobster tail meat to 120 degrees. So, if you like to color between the lines, always follow USDA recommendations. Ive never been very good at coloring. Whatever you choose, just be sure you have a reliable instant read thermometer, so you have the right information.

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How To Thaw Frozen Lobster Tails

Our cold-water tails ship in the shell fresh frozen and uncooked. After taking your frozen lobster tails out of the freezer it is best to defrost them fully before getting started. Its recommended you slow-thaw your frozen lobster tails before you plan to cook them for tastier results.

  • Take your lobster tails out of the freezer the night before and place them on a plate in your refrigerator and cover them.
  • For quicker results, defrost tails in a zip lock bag under cold water in the sink. DO NOT thaw lobster tails in the microwave!
  • Fully defrosted lobster tails will be soft and pliable.

Pro Tip:Your tails may be covered in ice or frost. Dont worry your tails are NOT freezer burned. The light glazing helps protect and preserve the tails. Once thawed, be sure to give your tails a good rinse before cooking.

Butterfly Your Lobster Tails For Grilling

Grilled lobster tails are an easy yet impressive meal! Made with a ...

My favorite way to prep the lobster tails for grilling is to butterfly them. To do this, take a pair of kitchen shears or a knife, make a lengthwise slit down the center of the hard side of the shell but go no further than the start of the fanned part of the tail.

Use a knife to cut the meat along the same path as the shell cut line, being careful not to slice all the way through the lobster.

To butterfly, gently open the shell like a book, keeping the back of the meat connected to the under-shell, and brush the flesh with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Simply Recipes / Sally Vargas

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Grilled Lobster Tails Recipe

Grilled Lobster Tails are perfect for lunch on a warm summer day. It is quick and easy to make and it is delicious. I love to have grilled lobster tails with a cold glass of lemonade I think that this combination is refreshing.

I made these grilled lobster tails using the freshest lobster tails that I can get my hands on. The seasoning is simple too because I want the taste of lobster to stand out. For this reason, I lightly seasoned the lobster tails with seasoned salt and ground black pepper. I also brushed some butter to add that rich flavor. Lastly, I squeezed half a lime on the grilled lobster tails to make it complete. Easy isnt it?

Grilled lobster tails is best eaten with grilled corn on the cob, or even mashed potato. If you love the idea of surf and turf, try it with filet mignon.

Try this Grilled Lobster Tails Recipe. Cheers!

  • 4pieceslobster tailscleaned
  • 1/2teaspoonLawrys seasoned salt
  • 1/4teaspoonground black pepper
  • 1tablespoonmelted butter
  • Cooking oil sprayhigh heat resistant for grilling
  • 2pieceslime

Pro Tips For Making The Grilled Lobster Tail

Making grilled lobster tail might sound difficult, but its actually quite straightforward. A few tips will help you bring it all the way home.

  • Dont slice through the base. To keep your beautiful lobster tails intact, dont slice through the tail.
  • Pick the freshest lobster possible. When youre hunting for fresh lobster tails at the market, there are a few things to look for:
  • A brownish shell and grayish flesh
  • No fishy smell or pungent odor
  • No slimy texture.
  • Use an instant-read thermometer. To make sure the lobster tail is at a safe internal temperature to eat, use a meat thermometer to take the guesswork out. Once it hits 140°F its good to go!

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Preparing And Grilling Lobster Tails

Once the lobster tails are thawed, theres a little more prep that needs to be done before they hit the grill. Because of their shape one end is significantly thicker than the other cooking them evenly is difficult if you keep them whole. To make sure they cook evenly and to create a wide, flat surface for melting the garlic butter, butterfly the tails first.

Butterflying means to halve something into two thinner, more even pieces. For a lobster tail, this means cutting through the hard shell with kitchen shears, then slicing the tail meat in half so that it can open up flat like a book. One other step worth doing is using your fingers to loosen the meat from the shell, which will make it easier to remove the meat once the lobster is cooked. Once butchered properly, the lobster tail meat will cook up evenly without the need for skewers or other tools to keep it from curling up.

To grill the lobster tails, place them meaty-side down on a really hot grill for a few minutes to get some grill marks. Once they release easily from the grill grates, flip them over and top with an easy-to-make garlic butter . The total cook time depends on the size of the tail. You want the meat to be just cooked through, so aim for an internal temperature of 135 to 140ºF. Serve with lemon wedges for a nice bright pop of flavor to cut through the richness of the garlic butter and the sweetness of the lobster meat.

How To Grill Lobster Tail Halves

How To Grill Lobster Tails | Weber Grills

Step 1: Light grill and set up for two-zone cooking. Arrange coals so you have a high-heat area where the coals peak, and a more medium heat area where the coals are not as close to the grill grate. If youre using a gas grill, turn one burner on max and the one next to it on medium.

Step 2: Place chipotle butter in a small saucepan and place it on the inside of the grill but not directly over a heat source. You dont want to burn the butter, just melt it and get it nice and warm.

Step 3: While grill is preheating, rinse lobster tails with cold water and pat dry with a paper towel.

TIP: Its important to get the tail as dry as possible or the meat will steam when placed on the hot grill as opposed to sear.

Step 4: Spray a thin coat of olive oil on the meat side of the tail halves. I use this oil spray bottle, but if you dont have one you can use a basting brush as well.

Step 5: Place tails meat side down over direct high heat. Grill for 5 minutes.

Step 6: Turn tails over and place over the medium-high heat zone, baste liberally with melted chipotle butter, then sprinkle cilantro. Let meat poach in the butter sauce for 35 minutes or until internal temperature is to your preference as indicated with a reliable instant read thermometer.

Step 7: Plate and serve while warm.

Grilled Lobster Halves With Chipotle Butter

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Buying Cooked Lobster Meat

A good seafood market often carries cooked lobster meat, or you can order it online . When you’re buying cooked lobster meat, be sure to specify whether you want lobster tail meat only, or a combination of tail, claw, and knuckle meat. You can store cooked lobster meat in the fridge for up to 3 days, but do try to eat it up right away for the freshest flavor.

The Only Way To Buy Lobster Tails Is Frozen

I was told by a reliable source in Boston that its even illegal to sell fresh lobster tails in Massachusetts and pretty much anywhere else.

That means you landlocked cooks are in luck! If you cant find them at your local supermarket, you can order them online and have them shipped.

I could only find small ones at my local market, but if you order them, you can usually buy different sizes. For the 4-ounce tails, youll need 2 per person. A twin pack which set me back $20.00 thats $40.00 for two people, well worth the investment for a special meal, but prices vary.

For ordering online, I highly recommend buying them from a Maine operation:

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Grilled Lobster Tail Recipe

Everything you need to know to learn how to grill lobster tails perfectly, including tips & step-by-step photos! This grilled lobster tail recipe is soft and tender, with the best lemon garlic butter.

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This grilled lobster tail recipe has a lot in common with my favorite broiled lobster tails, and is the perfect alternative for warm weather. No need to be intimidated by grilling lobster its actually very easy! Ill walk you through the whole process so that youll know exactly how to grill lobster tails, from butterflying them to seasoning to the right technique once they are on the grill.

If you want to take this grilled lobster up a notch, turn it into surf and turf! Add a side of New York strip steak, a reverse sear steak, perfect filet mignon , or even steak bites.

Finding The Perfect Lobster Tails For The Grill

How to Cook Lobster Tails: Boil, Bake, Broil, and Grill

Make a big splash this grilling season with our ready to grill lobster tails. All the work is done, just defrost, add your favorite rub or marinade and grill! Be sure to check out our Lobster Tails line up featuring 6-7 oz. cold-water tails all the way up to our huge colossal tails

If you love lobster tails, and you love barbeque, be sure to take a look at our one-of-a-kind BBQ lobster tails. Whats so special about these lobster tails?

  • First, they are split and cleaned, so you do not need kitchen shears, or a chefs knife to butterfly the tails.
  • Second, only hard shell, cold water tails are used so you are guaranteed a tail full of meat.
  • Finally, each tail is tunnel frozen, locking in the fresh taste and flavor of lobster.
  • In short, these special lobster tails were made for the grill. To learn more about our barbecue lobster tails and have them shipped to you .

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