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Why You Might Want Free Surf Fishing Baits

Best Bait for Surf Fishing
  • Because they are FREE, of course!
  • Catching your own bait presents a challenge you may not have tried before
  • Gathering bait is an aspect of fishing that the kiddos can enjoy – lots of action
  • It is fun to start at the bottom of the food chain and try to work your way up
  • You might be fishing a remote area where it’s not convenient to run back to the bait shop

What Is The Best Time For Surf Fishing

Theres no one easy answer to this question, but there are some pointers that you can use. The incoming tides during low-light conditions are usually the best time for surf fishing, but there are no strict rules.

If youre not sure about the exact times of high and low tides, consult tidal charts for your area. Then, plan to be at the beach at least a couple of hours before high tide, thats usually when the bite is at its best. This means you should head out very early in the morning or a few hours before sunset.

Around this time, fish will be feeding on the bait fish that the current brings in, so there are bigger chances that theyll take your offering too. Overcast days can also be productive, just be mindful of dangerous rip currents and sudden weather changes like rain showers and storms. If you see lightning in the sky, its time to pack up and leave the fishing for a better day.

What Bait To Use For Surf Fishing

If youre surf fishing, you need to choose the right bait. The type of fish youre trying to catch will determine the best bait to use. For example, if youre after a striped bass, using live eels or bunker is a good choice. If you want to try your hand at catching a bluefish, then using cut bait or lures is the way to go. When in doubt, ask someone at the local bait and tackle shop whats working well that day.

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When To Fish The Fall Run For Stripers

The fall run has been starting later and lasting longer in recent decades. This shift presumably is due to average air temperatures in September, October, and November rising steadily and ocean temperatures following suit.

Expect the fall surf fishing to begin between late September and the third week of October. That time frame will vary depending on the climate in the actual year and your fishing location.

For example, the fall run will typically begin mid-to-late September up north in Maine as large numbers of bait fish school up and head south along the shoreline. Of course, stripers and other game fish will be right with them.

The shifts happen progressively later, heading south. In Massachusetts, look for schools of fish to arrive in late September and early October. As you progress south, the movement of bait, stripers, and bluefish along the coast predictably gets later.

Politics aside, its safe to say that the world is getting warmer by the year, and the fall run is occurring later as a result. Consider that, according to, the average water temperature off Montauk, New York, in September 2007 was 65 degrees, and in that same month in 2021, it was 70 degrees.

Water temperatures dictate movement to a greater degree than any other single factor, though things like the suns lower angle that diminishes daylight hours may also play a role.

Best Free Surf Fishing Baits

Top 10 Best Surf Fishing Lures in 2020

Some of the best surf fishing baits can actually be obtained for free. And, in fact, some of them are very easy to come by during the proper season. With a little practice, and some sweat equity, you can keep more of your hard earned cash in your pocket. Also, the less time you spend in the bait store, the less money youll spend on other things you dont really need. Pick a couple baits from the list below and give them a try.

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Best Surf Fishing Rigs For Frozen Bait

You can never go wrong when you fish with natural bait. The most convenient and accessible way to use natural bait is to buy it frozen. While fresh bait is ideal, frozen bait works great too. The most popular and universal frozen baits found across the US are shrimp and squid. Frozen fish such as bunker, shad, and mullet are also very popular. Depending on which frozen bait youre using, you will need to choose a fishing rig. A rig refers to how your hook, weight, and swivel are assembled together. This is important because with the right fishing rig, you will present your bait to the fish in the best way to get them to bite. Choose the right rig, and you will have much better success.

Larger Cutbait Rigs

Use large fish finder rigs for large cut bait to target fish over 3ft such as sharks, striped bass, and bull sized red drum. A good heavy set up is the fish finder rig with a 4oz sinker baited with a 2 thick cut of frozen fish such a mullet, shad, or bunker. If there are bottom feeders such as toad fish, sea cats, or crabs that keep eating your bait, add a 2 foam float to your leader a few inches away from the hook, or just change to a float rig. A float rig will lift your bait off the bottom away from many of the crabs and other species that eat your bait before the larger fish do.

Fish Finder Rigs and Float Rig from the Tailored Tackle Surf Fishing Kit

Shrimp & Squid Rigs

1 Oz & 2 Oz Ready Rigs from the Tailored Tackle Surf Fishing Kit

Specialty Rigs

Best Surf Fishing Baits

Surf fishing is nothing like any other form of angling. It requires the use of gear and tackle that are very different from fishing in lakes and rivers, and even tackle thats unlike what you might use when fishing many miles offshore.

Fishing in the crashing waves creates an environment that makes small bait fish and other creatures disoriented and sometimes confused, making it easier for larger predatory fish to take advantage and make an easy meal out of them.

Most anglers know what bait will work for fishing offshore or even along the inlets and channels near the beach, but understanding what type of baits are best for fishing in the surf can be a bit confusing.

There are a number of other variables that come into play when youre surf fishing, but nothing you do will be productive if youre using the wrong type of bait.

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Tips For Beginner Surf Fishing

Walking a beach, reading the surf, and watching birds work over bait are just a few of the reasons to spend time fishing from the beach. Surf fishing is simple in practice but learning to read the water, time the tides, and choose the best gear can turn a nice day at the beach into an action-packed fishing trip.

Best Bait For Striped Bass

Powerbait vs Gulp sand worms (best bait for surf fishing)
Best Surf Fishing Bait:
  • Keitech/Warbaits combo
  • Keitech/Sled Head combo

The best bait for striped bass is similar to that of halibut and white seabass. Anything that mimics live baitfish. So jerkbaits like the LC FM 110, and swimbaits like the Keitech Fat Impact Swing paired with a Warbaits Jighead or an Owner Sled Head, or even Texas Rig Style are good options.

Striped bass will also bite on live bait if you have the means of making it. Theyre a predatory fish and will eat anything that looks like a small fish.

Other Popular Lures:

Some anglers will use squid to catch redfish from the surf and lures arent out of the question either. Jerkbaits like the LC FM 110 will work just fine along with spoons, top waters and swimbaits.

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How Much Is Best Bait For Surf Perch

Best Bait For Surf Perch come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Its difficult to predict product costs nowadays.Because the price range is so wide, you don’t know how much something costs. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as best bait for surf perch.

Surf Fishing With Cut Baits

Cut bait has a strong aroma which is a key way to attract saltwater fish. Acquiring cut bait can as simple as cutting up bait fish or smaller fish you have caught throughout the day. Be sure that you check the laws and regulations in your area for limits and size restrictions for fish you can legally use for bait.

You should be able to catch something small from the surf that will make good cut bait for catching larger predators. Some examples of fish that make great cut bait are mullet, pinfish, menhaden, sardines, herring, lady fish, small jacks, blue runners , ballyhoo, whiting and croaker, just to name a few.

Along the gulf coast, cut mullet is the primary bait of choice for red drum, sharks, speckled trout, and jack crevalle. But where ever you are, there are fish that you can use for cut bait when surf fishing. Fresh is best, but frozen if not, put a chunk on a good circle hook and toss it into the surf and you shouldnt have to wait long for some serious action.

Put a bite-sized piece of your freshly caught fish onto a 1/0 circle hook and toss it back out.

If you are after larger species such as bull reds, cobia or sharks, youll need to up-size your tackle to a 5/0 hook and a larger piece of cut bait like that on the left.

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Best Bait For Surf Fishing Nc

Whats the best bait for surf fishing in North Carolina? This is a question that many anglers ask, and there are a few different options.One of the most popular baits for surf fishing in NC is live shrimp. Shrimp are easy to find and catch, and theyre a favorite food of many saltwater fish. Another good option is live sand crabs. These can be a little harder to find and catch, but theyre also very effective.Other good baits for NC surf fishing include cut bait , fresh dead baitfish, and even lures such as spoons or jigs. It really depends on what kind of fish youre targeting and what theyre biting on that day. Experiment with different baits until you find something that works well.

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Surf Fishing Baits

Top 10 Best Surf Fishing Lures in 2020

Fresh bait is usually better than frozen bait. This is because frozen baits tend to become mushy from being frozen and then thawed out, making it harder to keep it on the hook.

Look for baits that are natural for your area. You want to use things that the fish youre targeting would be feeding on normally. This gets you more bites, as fish are much more likely to take the easy meal when its normal for them to come across.

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Surf Fishing With Clams Mussels Or Worms

Shellfish are another good option for surf fishing baits. Various clams, mussels, and barnacles can all be used for bait. Bottom foraging species like red drum, black drum, whiting, croaker and pompano all feed on shellfish of some type. Clams and mussels can be gathered yourself or often purchased at bait shops.

Once removed from their shells place one or several on your hook, depending on their size, and you are good to go. Clams and mussels will release oil and scent into the water drawing fish from long distances. They are a soft bait and you will catch some non target species. Good thing is, some of those non target species make great surf fishing bait themselves.

Mussels and clams will catch many species including flounder, speckled trout, croaker, striped bass, black drum, red drum, whiting, rock fish and surf perch. Clams will keep for several days on ice and your leftovers can be frozen for next time.

Fresh is always best when available, but frozen will work if thats all you got. Another shellfish option that is easy to obtain and makes a good bait when other baits may be hard to come by is barnacles.

You know, they grow on piers, piling, docks, bottom of boats and most any stationary object in saltwater. You can simple scrape them off into a bucket and hook from the back .

Where To Find The Most Searched Best Artificial Bait For Surf Fishing And Why

When making a purchase, price, quality, and demand are the three most crucial aspects to consider.Price is one factor. Make sure the cost is reasonable for you.Paying close attention to the quality of your purchases will ensure that you get the best possible end result.For expanding one’s customer base, fame is as crucial as low cost or high quality.

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How Much Is Best Artificial Bait For Surf Fishing

There is a wide range of styles and prices available for Best Artificial Bait For Surf Fishing. Product price fluctuations are hard to foresee at the moment. There is a large variation in price, making it impossible to determine an accurate cost. A pair of pants, for instance, can cost anywhere from $20 to $200, depending on the store. Similar to best artificial bait for surf fishing, additional products.

Evaluations From The Buyers


Many people consider reviews and ratings when making a purchase. This is for the most obvious of reasons after all, who better to ask about a product’s pros and cons than the people who actually use it? Before making a purchase, reading through customer reviews can give you a good idea of what others’ experiences have been like with the products in question. Some consumers are more likely to write a review than others. Product reviews are a great indicator of customers’ general contentment with a service or good.

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Surf Fishing For Beginners: Ultimate Guide On How To Surf Fish

This is the Ultimate Surf Fishing Guide for beginners. It starts from scratch and breaks down every facet of surf fishing with detailed instructions and complete diagrams.

Surf fishing can become an overwhelming experience if you arent prepared. The amount of area to fish is massive, the equipment is much larger than freshwater gear. Not to mention, some saltwater species are very large and intimidating. If you arent sure how to surf fishdont worry at all, its much easier than you think, and can be among some of the most rewarding experiences youve ever had. This guide starts from scratch and tells you everything you need to know on how to surf fish as a beginner. From picking your rod and reel, bait and rigs to finding a good spot on the beach to fish. This guide will walk you through your equipment setup and fishing strategy to give you the confidence to go out and catch fish.

Trophy Triple Tail caught in the surf on Sanibel Island FL by Tailored Tackle Owner Ed Hitchcock. Watch it happen on our Tailored Tackle YouTube channel!

Best Time To Catch Shark From The Beach

Sharks prefer warm water, so in the northeast for example, youll usually have more luck in the later summer months. The best surf fishing is usually at dawn or dusk and when the tide is coming in. Night time is a great time to catch sharks, since thats when they do a lot of their feeding. But Ive caught shark at all parts of the day and during low tide.

Ive learned that if there are sharks in the area, theyll usually find your bait pretty quickly. If you dont get anything within 20-30 minutes, it probably isnt going to happen. But try again later!

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What Is Your Best Surf Fishing Bait

If you are trying surf fishing for the first time, headed to a new area, or are just unsure of what the best bait for surf fishing might be, there are some good sources of information to help you. Local bait and tackle shops are a great source of information. It is after all their business to know what the fish are biting on.

Online fishing forums where fisherman can exchange ideas, questions, and photos are also an excellent source of information on bait, tackle and good locations to fish. A simple google search for: your area fishing forum will usually bring up several options.

What is the best bait for surf fishing? That will depend entirely on where you are fishing, the time of year, and what your target species is. From sand worms, sand fleas and crabs, to live shrimp and baitfish, match the hatch and you can have a great day surf fishing wherever you are in the world.

As a back up plan, keep a few packs of fishbites in your tackle box. They come in several flavors from shrimp and crab to clam and sand flea, and are easily stored.

Get you some bait and head to the beach. There is no teacher like experience. Try something, and if it doesnt work, try something else. It is called fishing, and not catching, for a reason. And, most importantly, have fun. A day at the beach is better than a month in the city.

The Best Tactics For Wintertime Surf Fishing

10 Best Baits For Surf Fishing Of 2022  Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

One way to make a good beach vacation great is to load up on fresh fish, right from the sand. Heres how

Plenty of outdoors fans, ready to put lousy weather behind them, will hit the road for a few days in the Souths warm sunshine. Its hard to beat a trip to the beach to brighten your day, especially when its snowy and cold at home. But after a few hours of laying around in the sand, boredom sets in. If youre anything like me, thoughts inevitably turn to fishing.

Now if youve ever been to the beach, youve likely noticed a few folks fishing. Youve also noticed that most of them look like they dont know what theyre doing, and few catch anything worth writing home about.

Such a scene turns most potential anglers off immediately. The fish, they figure, are out there swimming around in that vast ocean. What are the chances of catching anything from the bank?

Pretty good, as it turns out.

When I first moved to Florida, I knew nothing about surf fishing. But after a few tips from friends and family, a little online research and time spent trying, I now find it rare to fish more than a few hours and not come home with dinner. And the simplicity of surf fishing makes it a favorite. Everything you need can be carried in one trip, theres no boat gas to worry about, and you can do it from a lawn chair. Beat that.

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